Random Musings

May 22, 2019, 08:26 PM

It’s raining here in Bangalore, will not say after a long time but yes after so many days giving a little respite in this hot weather. This hot and humid weather of Bangalore is not its nature but thanks to deforestation, loss of water bodies, global warming that we are experiencing such weather and longing for rainy season. Also this hot weather of Bangalore is not to be compared with ongoing hot weather of North India, where I now dread to go even after being born and brought up there. There’s change in my nature too, I guess.

Cook Didi has also excused herself today and now it’s my turn to prepare dinner, another thing which I’m reluctant to do right now. Waiting for Pochu to come back from gym so that I can ask his preference and head to kitchen. So it happens everytime I decide to write, some distraction comes my way. So here comes the writing block and fight happening in my mind.. should i continue writing or should I go and cook as my little one inside me is giving me all punches and signals that he/she is starving. I think I should listen to the little one.

PS: Found this post in drafts while randomly looking my pending posts. So technically I was writing but was posting them in drafts 🙂


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