Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

Aug 8, 2019, 10:41 pm

It’s been exactly a month since the beautiful journey of bringing you into this world started. I got hospitalized on July 8, 2019 around 8:00 PM as per my doctor’s advice. I still remember everything so vividly. Although it’s been a month but feels like yesterday. I’m clueless as how to start this journey, how should I explain as what led to what and how did you arrive. Want to write everything but lacking words to put together. Well somehow I need to start so let’s do that.

I did not call anyone from our respective families during my entire pregnancy period as I felt I was fine all by myself and with my husband being my side; and since I had help in terms of cook and maid who did all essential work of cooking and cleaning, I had very minimum household work to do and sufficient time to take care of me and take rest. My in-laws visited us however in first week of June 2019 for baby shower ceremony which we had to cancel because of ill health of MIL, instead of having a big ceremony, we only requested her to cook for me and do the rituals. They left in mid of June 2019.

After I turned 36 weeks pregnant, I was required to see my doctor on a weekly basis for regular checkup and internal assessment. During one such visit, doctor told that baby had moved down and head is still flexible, she asked me to do some walking and exercises and come next week, if the situation favored she would induce me; this was in second last week of June 2019. I was everything- happy, sad, confused, scared, perplexed.. you name the emotion and I was going through everything. We both did not want baby to come in month end, as we felt we were still not ready emotionally, mentally and to some extent financially (being it month end). There were many reasons such as my parents had not yet come, we were not ready for baby to come this soon i.e. my due date was July 9, 2019 and we had planned accordingly and were ready for baby to come anytime from July 1, 2019, we had not done any shopping for baby, my hospital bag was not ready, we had not gone out together for any date (we wanted one, but eventually couldn’t go 😦 ). So we just prayed that baby should come after June 2019, any day in July was fine with us so that we can finish all our pending tasks. Ultimately our prayers were heard, till my last consultation my body was not showing any signs of going into labor, my doctor joked about it, “do you want to cross 40 weeks?” πŸ˜€ So finally it was decided that I will get hospitalized on the night of July 8, 2019 and labor will be induced. By this time we had finished all our above mentioned tasks- cleaning, shopping, calling parents, insurance, room booking, my handover at work, packing hospital bag etc. I had made a TO DO list and tried completing all those tasks before going to hospital. Though not all tasks were completed but I had done major ones.

Finally my parents arrived on July 6, 2019. We went to Barbeque Nation for dinner before baby’s arrival. I must say it’s always so great and satisfying to sit down with your parents and watch them having food they relish and it becomes more satisfying when you take them out. We had awesome veg and non-veg barbecue, ice-creams, kulfis, basically we hogged on everything they offered and I did all those while being almost 40 weeks prego (precisely 39 weeks 5 days). Next day was complete running around in Hospital, I took my dad for health check, we got done with that by late afternoon and returned home for final packing and dinner and now when I look back I feel happy and proud about it as I was running around and completed all my tasks, had good food with parents till my last day of pregnancy.

Pochu (Husband) too came back by 5:00pm. We had evening snacks, I took shower and had early dinner. We were all set to go to hospital by 7:45pm, before leaving, yes, we did click some selfies for lifetime memory πŸ™‚ Since my hospital was at walking distance of 10-15 minutes, Pochu, me and my mom walked to hospital instead of taking the cab; again happy and proud πŸ˜‰

So the real journey starts now…


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  1. Oye.. Congratulations….😊😊😊😊 I am so happy for you.. Its been so long since I have read any blog.. But I am back just in time to read this news… 😍😍 I am so so happy.. Its been quite a journey!!! Hope you and the baby are doing well… Best wishes for this awesome new phase in your life.

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