Music and Memories- II

​“Chalo Jane do.. ab chhodo bhi.. itna bhi kya gussa karna..kuch apni kaho, kuch meri suno.. yuh chup-chup reh kar di hi dil mein kya kudhna…”

While watching this movie yesterday with Pochu, I was reminded of this song all of a sudden. This song is from the Bollywood movie “Bhootnath”. It’s a very sweet and emotional song sung by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Juhi Chawla. A cute song which never fails to melt my heart every time I listen to it. Not just because of memories associated with it but also because of its lyrics; they are just mesmerizing. It’s set in the backdrop of a cute lil boy who’s upset and the ghost in the movie, played by Mr. Bachchan, sings this song to pacify him. One can easily fall for this one sentence in the song-

“tum hi mujhse rooth gae toh kisse baat karun main…jee utha hun main tum se mil ke, tum jo ho toh hun main…mujhse iss pal ho muh phere, fir bhi ho tum mere…”

It conveys so much… the importance of your loved ones, the centricity they hold in your life. Life almost stands still if they are upset or are angry with you. Their smile, their happiness means so much to you. That one moment when they are upset and you are willing to do anything for their smile to come back, for them to come back to their normal self. When you try so hard to understand the reason behind their sadness and anger. All these are in these beautiful lyrics. A very close friend of mine used to sing this for me whenever I was upset or angry. That beautiful voice has come alive since yesterday.​


Music and Memories- I

“In dino dil mera mujhse hai keh raha… tu khwab saja… tu jee le zara…hai tujhe bhi ijajat… kar le tu bhi mohabbat…”
A famous song from the Bollywood movie “Life in a Metro”. This track is on my repeat since forenoon. Since morning I’ve been listening so many old songs, not so old but yes, they transported me back to good old time. With every song, lot of memories flashed back. Listening songs were then and even now are a must in any situation. They are remedy to any problem, best friend when no one is around, when I want to escape everything and everyone, words to my unsaid emotions and feelings. I’ve read somewhere that “when we are happy we enjoy the music, it’s only when we are sad, we understand the lyrics”; that’s so true. Now that we are talking music, songs and memories, I would love to reminisce moments associated with songs I’ve grown listening.

“Life in a Metro” is a Bollywood movie which came in May 2007. An year which witnessed some of my life changing/altering decisions. I still remember when I had heard this song. I was in second year of my Graduation. I was attending some coaching classes on programming languages with some of my classmates after college. We had gone to a cyber-café to get some assignment prints and there it was… this song was playing in full volume. It was raining outside, it was dark, cloudy and this romantic track. What else you need to enjoy a perfect rainy day. I instantly fell for this song. Didn’t know the name of the movie; somehow found the name of movie and song. Those were days when I didn’t have a cellphone; there was one, but at home. We used to either download songs from that famous site ;), burn it in a CD/DVD, come home save it on PC and then listen; or buy the MP3 CD from local CD shops or borrow from some friends. I don’t remember which one of the mediums I chose to get this song but I eventually had it in my huge songs collection.

Whenever, I listen this song with full attention (not just the music but lyrics as well ;)), I remember that rainy evening and lot other memories come alive. That was the time when I just not only used to listen songs, but I lived and grew with them as well. Loads and loads of songs now come and go but not much of them leave any impact on me and life because I’ve stopped connecting them with my life. That magic and charm of living with them has gone… I listen songs even today and I’m still as crazy as I was before but I find something amiss… All I can say in terms of listening and living songs is… “koi lauta de mere beete hue din…”