Those 5 years

​It’s been exactly 5 years since I started working. I can still recall what exactly I was doing sitting in office at this time- struggling with bulky files given and trying to figure out what data I’m supposed to pick up. The naïve me! While I was getting ready for office this morning, 5 years... Continue Reading →

The Evening Silence

“  bikhri-bikhri si julfein hain kyun.. khoyi-khoyi si aankhein hain kyun…  ghum ka ye pal guzar jaega…  fir koi humsafar aaega…” - from the movie What's Your Rashee A soothing vocal with heart touching music and lyrics playing in background; adding grace to the silence which I’ve chosen to spend my evening with. Once I’m back from office,... Continue Reading →

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