Random Musings

May 22, 2019, 08:26 PM It's raining here in Bangalore, will not say after a long time but yes after so many days giving a little respite in this hot weather. This hot and humid weather of Bangalore is not its nature but thanks to deforestation, loss of water bodies, global warming that we are... Continue Reading →

a lazy sunday…

It's been a while since i had spent a lazy, cozy sunday with my sister. I was at home this sunday and didn't go out anywhere like usual, neither with my girl friends nor with Pochu. My SIL had visited me last friday and she left this morning. This weekend was completely a girly-girly stuff.... Continue Reading →

The Evening Silence

“  bikhri-bikhri si julfein hain kyun.. khoyi-khoyi si aankhein hain kyun…  ghum ka ye pal guzar jaega…  fir koi humsafar aaega…” - from the movie What's Your Rashee A soothing vocal with heart touching music and lyrics playing in background; adding grace to the silence which I’ve chosen to spend my evening with. Once I’m back from office,... Continue Reading →

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