and it touched my heart- 3

03.11.2022, 02:10 PM Bangalore

Gubbu- 3.3 YO Daughter, Pochu- Husband

Incident 1- Scene- Diwali Day- Oct 24, 2022 Bangalore

I was running around the house with cleaning and other diwali chores. Gubbu was running behind me as well. I was determined to teach her about the festival now that she’s big enough to do things and understand what’s going on. Hence I had read the story about Diwali in the morning. I taught her how to carefully soak Diyas in water and then later on I gave her the task of laying the Diyas in under sunlight for drying. She happily completed the given task. Then it was time for fixing the Toran on Main Gate, i asked her for help with regards to handing over scissors, tape etc. While I was roaming around after fixing the Toran, with so much of purity and love she told me- Mumma aur kaam do! (Mumma give me some more work!) and my heart melted! 😦 and shed tears of happiness and love! I couldn’t utter a word, just nodded my head. I involved her again in Rangoli Making using the stencils and she did a good job under supervision.

Incident 2- Some random day

Pochu just tapped on my leg, Gubbu was sitting beside me and watched what her dad did to me, she immediately comforted my by gently rubbing my leg- aaaaaa, aaaaaaa, phuuuuuuu…. just the way we do to her when she gets hurt!


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