No PDE Rule- Day 1

Now that i had set a NO PDE (Public Display of Emotions) rule for myself yesterday, i tried to stick to that today. There were few occasions where i felt, i had breached the rule and just to register them in my thoughts, i'm outlining them here: Breach of Rule: Incident  1: I had a... Continue Reading →

The lost connections

It's been 17 months since we ended our 7 years old relationship and with you I'd lost R as well  6 months back. Both of you were pillars of my life, those strong shoulders where every time my broken heart was mended, my tears had got shelter, all my unheard words had got their voices,... Continue Reading →

A night with random thoughts

I love to mention about the time, location and surroundings when I’m writing. When I look past, it helps me to recall those moments when I was writing. Sitting on terrace with my lappy, under a minimally visible star studded sky. As its July and there is no symptom of rain anywhere, I’m sweating while... Continue Reading →

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