Apna Ghar- Home Sweet Home

May 26, 2022, 12:01 PM Bangalore

Pochu- Husband, Gubbu- my 34 months old daughter

“Apna Ghar apna hi hota hai! naa jane kitni baar suna hai ye sabse, mummy papa se, rishtedaaro se, friends se aur finally aaj mera khud ka Ghar ban hi gaya- and very obvisouly usmein mere parents ka bohot hi major role tha. Agar un dono ne push nahi kiya toh shayad Pochu abhi tak mann nahi bana paya hota to think of buying a house in Bangalore. Abhi tak rented ghar mein hote. But now once the house is ready or even when it took some shape, Pochu has been super happy about making the decision of buying the house. And now he helps or answer queries of my friends or his friends with house loans, locality, apartment etc.

We are shifting tomorrow- May 27, 2022 to our own new apartment 🙂

We have been living in the current rented apartment since Dec 4, 2016. It was an apartment near to my Hospital which just 10 min walk from home. I will definitely miss the area, it has so many memories. I was a bachelor when I came to this area, got married, had my daughter here, got the new house. A lot of good things have happened here along with some bad ones as well- loosing my youngest Mama (maternal uncle) in Aug 2020 and father in law in May 2021.

I love the current house, it’s spacious, well maintained and ventilated, I love the kitchen- it’s my type 🙂 with a window near the cooking area where you can have the views of outside and cook simultaneously. Yesterday I made Gubbu stand near the washbasin for her night teeth brushing, Pochu was standing behind me, we both were just looking at Gubbu and he just whispered, this is the home, this is the same washbasin where three years back, we saw those magical two pink lines and here we are today with this toddler standing right in front of us. That moment was magical, I still can’t forget the sight of last night, that moment. While writing this I can feel a lump in my throat and tears are welling up in my eyes, which I’m trying hard to control. How time flies, I wish I had clicked a picture of yesterday to freeze that moment for future.

If I’m excited to shift to my new house and start a whole new journey of living in a gated society, Gubbu starting her school by June 6, 2022, I’m also equally sad leaving this locality and my mother going back this Sunday, may 29, 2022. You can’t get everything you wish for.

“Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahi milta…”

I really wish for a smooth shifting and a great start to a new phase of our lives!

Cheers to the new beginnings!! Touchwood!!


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