Life Updates- 5

July 11, 2022, 12:07 PM Bangalore India

Gubbu- 3 YO Daughter, Pochu- Husband

July 2022- Officially Gubbu turned 3 years old yesterday i.e. July 10, 2022 🙂 I’m happy, I’m sad! You feel happy for your kid’s birthday but you also miss them being small, when they would just come in your lap and were easy to carry around. Now they have outgrown your lap and have started finding their own voice, choice, opinion. I was worried that Gubbu has speech delay give that we spoke two language at home, me- hindi and Pochu- bengali with her. After her paediatrician’s suggestion we stopped bengali but only hindi and english. Of late I’ve started to notice that she has started to speak more, which is really good and I’m happy about it. We didn’t invite anyone this time to celebrate her birthday as she is still recovering. She has contracted HAND-MOUTH-FOOT Disease last week and ran high fever because of it. The high grade fever also resulted her getting Febrile Seizure. This was the first time got febrile seizures and I freaked out when that happened, although working in hospital I knew and read about this but when it happens with your own child, one is bound to freak out. Thankfully doctors were around and managed her. She started to develop ulcers and boils in her mouth and feet later on after two days of hospitalization and then we realized the root cause of high grade fever. She’s doing much better now and has also gone to school after a week. We had a Ladies get-together for New Society; it was nice meeting them all. Now at least I’ve more people to say Hi-Bye and I got to meet more working women of my Society.

June 2022- June was all about settling down the house, unpacking boxes, sending them back to the Packers guys. Also, my MIL went back to West Bengal after almost a year. Got my Hospital Accreditation Certificate and shed tears of happiness!

May 2022- We had our House Warming Ceremony on May 6, 2022 😀 We also shifted few of the stuffs like plants, gas stove, cylinder etc. beforehand. My father came from Lucknow to attend the function. Function went on well, everybody liked and appreciated our house. We both were overwhelmed 🙂 We shifted home on May 27, 2022. My mom also left for Lucknow on May 29, 2022 as thankfully I’d got a live-in maid by that time.

April 2022- April was more of running around getting the work done for the house, interiors, builder, granite, tiles, curtains, wall color etc. Every saturday, sunday, weekdays were just for the upcoming house. It was a taxing experience but at the end all worth it.

March 2022- My birthday Month! After 2018, I spent my birthday with my Mom. It was a great birthday this year. This was the first time when I got 5 cakes to cut 🙂 insane, I would call it. My Mom, Pochu, My team-mate, My boss and friends at work got cakes for me 😀 I felt blessed honestly and was blushing inside, as all attention was on me; somehow I start feeling shy and uncomfortable with all the attention, but at the same time, sometimes I wish for it. The epic scene was- friends at work, dragged me for lunch and we had Long Island Iced Tea and Tequila Shots in the mid afternoon and here I get a call from the Admin Office that boss has arranged for cake cutting and all depts HODs/Incharges are coming for same! By that time we four had gotten considerably drunk 😀 but somehow managed to rush and participate in the ceremony. We still hope that no body took notice of how drunk we were but still managed to look and behave sober. This was the best birthday at work and home. Also, Gubbu sang Happy Birthday to me! I mean she literally sang the entire 2-3 lines and planted a kiss on my cheeks. It was unbelievable! I immediately recorded it for future reference.

Feb 2022- It was disaster in many ways. My babysitter left mid Feb, mom came to cover up for her. The interior guy who we had hired just ditched us and we faced financial set back. Those guys did not initiated any work except the false ceiling in bedroom and living room and that too faulty one. We had taken up the top-up home loan for the same and had already paid 60% advance. We’re in a fix. But somehow managed to take additional loan and find another Interior Agency to do the work. We still (as in July 2022) have not got back the settlement. We’re supposed to get the amount by June 2022, the owner delayed it by another one month in July 2022 and again delayed by 7 days! We’re just hoping that this time it’s settled as we’re in need of funds and it’s a big amount that is stuck.

Jan 2022- Resumed work after a holiday of 2 weeks. I went home- Lucknow and spent time with parents and sister who came down from Varanasi, U.P. Relished mom made food and blogged about it.

So, those were my last 6 months updates!!

While going through old Life Updates Blogs and Posts, it made me realize that so many things happen on a day to day basis, I should regularly post Life Updates, as reminder to myself. Feels good to see what we went through and how strong we had become over period of time.


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