G- going under the knives Part II

​I got an ultrasound done next morning and saw the gynaec. I went inside her cabin with my father. She saw the reports and broke the unfortunate news. I had a cystic mass around my right ovary which was about 12 X 9 cms in size. I needed an immediate surgery and the cyst needed to be checked for its nature, if it was benign or malignant. The mere word “Emergency Surgery” and “Ovarian Cyst” moved my parents and me. It was hard to believe that within 1.5 months how such a huge cyst can develop and that how I couldn’t feel or came to know about it. The first thing I did when I came back home was to send HR the initial report and inform her about my condition. I, being such a career oriented person, was worried about my new job. But then, it was my health which mattered the most at that time and I completely shunned the thought from my mind that I might lose this job. My father spoke to his colleagues & friends and found out a good Gastroenterologist. We had to travel to his Hospital. It was a 2-3 hours of journey and thankfully I didn’t have pain during the entire journey. We saw the doctor and he prescribed lots of tests after seeing the Ultrasound report. It was serious, it definitely was. By that time my pain decided to shoot up and there I was again lying on hospital bed with Ohhh-aaaahh. We went to the diagnostic center for tests. They were quick enough as the doctor had personally spoken to them. We got all tests done and came back to hospital with reports.

The entire time I was in diagnostic center, I had excruciating pain. I saw my parents helplessly seeing me in pain. Though, I generally try not to exhibit my pain or discomfort to my parents, but that day I couldn’t control and didn’t care about anyone and anything. I was crying in pain and everybody around us asked about what has happened. That was not usual me… crying in pain and feeling helpless. But that was the moment. I can still visualize how after all tests, I was roaming outside the lab building with my helpless mother. She tried everything to console me, to comfort me but all in vain. I tried not to cry or exhibit my pain and discomfort but I failed; I didn’t want to hurt my parents but I failed in front of pain. Nothing was comforting me.

Once we were back to hospital, the doctor informed that he’ll operate the next day. We all were scared to death. Everyone, i.e. me, and my parents had their own apprehensions and fears. He explained my father the modality and complications of surgery. I was shifted to ward and the nurse came with medicines and injections. For the first time in my life I was lying on hospital bed as patient. She tried putting an intravenous on my right hand, to which I initially resisted but eventually surrendered. I was scared of it but I had no choice, I was a patient. It was my second day where I had not eaten anything. She administered saline with medicines in it and finally that night after two days of excruciating pain I slept well without any pain.

You get to learn and discover a lot of new things when you are in hospital as patient. I was taken to treatment room next morning to get prepared for surgery. Now let me tell you, what does this mean. They prepare you for surgery, they shave the area of incision, and I got a cut while the nurse was doing that, administer some antibiotics and other medications. Also, you are on fasting. But unfortunately as the doctor was waiting for some blood test report, the surgery was postponed to next day i.e. Oct 5, 2015; the day I was supposed to travel to the new city. Lying on hospital bed, I cancelled my ticket with heavy heart.

I was heartbroken. Not in a state to accept whatever was happening. I was witnessing and seeing so many things happening around and with me. I was actually jobless, there was no surety if the HR would consider my situation and extend my joining date by almost a month. My father was actually running from pillar to post. He had been given some very important government responsibilities apart from his regular job which warranted him to be available all the time at the desired location. And at the same time, he was required at hospital too. Though his colleagues were there in hospital with me and my Mom all the time, but it was he who we wanted. He used to travel from his work place to hospital and vice versa. He made sure that he was present when I was taken for surgery. My Mom was speechless, was trying hard to accept whatever was happening to her eldest daughter. We had not told anybody in our family about this mishap. My Mom broke only when I was taken for surgery and she called her younger sister for support.


G- going under the knives Part I

As far as I can recollect, I had heard this phrase for the first time used for heroines who added to their beauty surgically. No.. no.. this post isn’t about them but it’s about me.. as usual..😎 I wanted to write this since last year, now before you assume that I also followed the path of our heroines to enhance my beauty 😉 let me tell you the real stuff, it was when I underwent a “LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY FOR DERMOID OVARIAN CYST”. Whoaaaaa… sounds like an alien nomenclature and way too clinical… okay… let me simplify this for you. Last year at this same time when I was happily enjoying my stay at home and was gearing up to join a new company, I was diagnosed with a huge cyst in one of my ovaries which required me to undergo an emergency surgery.

I’m clueless as from where to start and what all to write. This post is going to be the journey of my past one year (and hence a lengthy one) when life took a strange and tough turn for me. This one year was difficult, tough but at the same time I was also blessed. This post is about all those experiences which still feel like yesterday. It is a reminder and lesson to me that-

  • whatever happens, it happens for good
  • you can never go as planned in your life
  • you will find real people during your worst time
  • no matter what comes your way, your parents will alwaysssssssssssssssssssssss stand by you, so never hurt, ignore or disrespect them
  • you cannot have everything you wish in your life, because may be something better is destined for you
  • your health matters… never ever ignore it

So shall we proceed…

It all started last year in August 2015 when all of a sudden during the long weekend of Independence day I got abdomen pain on right hand side. My school friend had visited me and the pain was so severe and disturbing that I wasn’t able to focus anywhere. I took a normal pain killer and tried changing positions while lying down on bed so that the pain gets subsided. I was doing okay that evening but it started again the next day and I had to speak to my Gynaec friend who advised me to go for a whole abdomen scan. The results felt not so good to me. My report read having small follicles in ovaries and suggested PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I was disappointed and heartbroken. I had never ever even in my wildest dreams had thought that I’ll have something like this. I had seen couple of my friends having PCOS but I… how can I have this? This is what kept coming in my mind. I googled about it and found not so convincing results. My gynaec friend saw the report and asked not to worry as the follicles were very small. Till then I had never worried about my health. I had always been careless about myself. My own words flashed immediately in my mind where I would carelessly tell my friends, “I don’t get fever and cold so easily or any other disease for that matter. If ever I will fall sick that would be something serious.. something big…” and who knew that my own words will become reality one day. And there I was sitting in my room all alone with my medical reports in my hand. I didn’t tell anybody about this, not even my parents.

Days passed and I brought some changes in my daily routine. I started getting up early and would go on jog and exercise in the nearby park to keep myself active. I felt good. The park was just behind my house and I had never entered its periphery. Mornings became good, I found time for myself, got to feel the cool breeze and hear the melodies of chirping birds. Saw several couples coming together for jogging. It was a heavenly feeling when I used to finish 4-5 rounds of that big park and then do some stretching. It gave a feeling of self-satisfaction which resulted in motivation and confidence of a strange sort. I felt good about my surrounding, about my own self. It was after 1.5 months that lil pain emerged again just before 2-3 days I was supposed to leave the city but it got subsided automatically.

Sept 30, 2015 was the day, I left the capital city and moved to my home town to enjoy the time before joining the new company; and Oct 2, 2015 was the day when that excruciating pain started which changed my life. Till afternoon when pain didn’t subside even after having pain killers, my parents rushed me to hospital. I was injected some pain killer and was under observation in Emergency Department. Pain killer had its effect for some time and we were back to home. But again went to see a gynaec in the evening; where she prescribed for an Ultrasound after seeing my first report (which I had hid from my parents and ultimately told) where there was nothing significant. As it was a National Holiday, none of the diagnostic centers were open. I had to bear the pain till next day. I had not eaten anything throughout the day but as there was very little pain in evening I was feeling better and ate little bit for dinner; without having any clue that what the next day is going to hold for me.