Blast from Past Draft Post: Life Updates- 3

That's how I was writing in last two months- in bits and pieces... Life Updates- 18 Aug 2018 So here I am, with a severe headache since morning, a cup of hot green tea, an awaken mind full of miscellaneous running thoughts. So where exactly was I from almost 1.5 months? Eat, Sleep, Work, home... Continue Reading →

Blast from Past Draft Post- Random Musings

Disclaimer: At some point of time, this post may sound like a feminist post, but it's not. One might feel that certain thoughts are feminism influenced but believe me they ain't. they are just my thoughts, because they are coming from my inner self. So, at any point of time, if you wish not to... Continue Reading →

Sound of Life

May 29, 2021, 10:16 AM There is silence in my cabin, I was going to write absolute silence but then I realized the background sounds which led to the title of this post. My junior has not come to work today and hence I'm sitting alone in my cabin and experiencing a silent day. The... Continue Reading →

The Phoenix Moments

Rising like a Phoenix.... PC: Google I'm low, without any motivation and confidence from almost a week and this is about both professional and personal life. I'm currently in a position where working is a compulsion and not choice or option. I can't afford to take a break from work and spend time with my... Continue Reading →

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