Life Updates- 6

Life Updates- 6

Pochu- Husband, Gubbu- 3 years 3 months old Daughter

Aug 2022- I had put down my papers from the current company to join the Corporate Office of a renowned Hospital. The profile is quite different than what I was doing. My current profile is the base for the corporate role which I’ve joined. Working at unit level, on ground with stakeholders is quite a different experience than working at the corporate role. I’m still trying to figure things out. Also, since I’m based out of the corporate office, the culture is very-very different, almost like the IT work culture. After a long time I felt intimated. I was so quite in initial few days but now slowly picking up my pace. Soon after joining, I had to travel to Pune for work, though it was just for 2 days and 1 night, we- me Pochu and my parents were petrified. Adding fuel to fire, Gubbu’s Hand-Foot-Mouth disease relapsed a night before I was supposed to travel. Thankfully after checking with Doctors I gathered the courage to travel and she did not develop and fever or weakness like last time. She was okay with the topical application of ointments as given before. The first experience of travelling along after Gubbu’s birth was weird, I was lil nervous and the moment I started my travel, I wanted to come back home. I did not even stay in the hotel just because I was scared to stay alone in hotel room without Pochu and Gubbu! L Pune visit was special for few reasons- I did my MBA internship from Pune in 2010, met my MBA friend and Rakhi Brother after almost 5.5 years. The last time I met them was in my wedding- 2016 and his wedding 2017 respectively. So yes, it was longggggg awaited meet up and we loved it! During Independence Day, Aug 15, 2022, I also signed myself up for 5AM Challenge, it was tough initially but was an enriching experience. I used to sleep early 9.30/10pm, not use phone after 8pm, go to the gym after the class but after my Pune trip I came back to my old routine. I need to work on that. Was part of organizing/cultural committee at the new apartment, got to know so many people, it was a first time that I was part of such a committee.

Sept 2022- Work took me to Chandigarh and Panchkula in end of Sept. This was my first time visit to this side of country. Though I did not get chance to step out and explore the city, it was a hectic schedule. It was Pochu’s Birthday, planned for a surprise cake cutting with new neighborhood friends in apartment, went out for dinner and everyone along with Pochu enjoyed every bit of it. My parents paid visit to us just before Durga Puja. Since it was the first time we were celebrating all festivals, we decided to host Ashtmi Puja- Havan and Kanya Pujan at our house. Mom made all the food-satvik kala chana (without onion and garlic), kheer and poori, just loved it how delicious the food was. It was so good to step out with Mom for shopping, celebrating festival together. We also had Dandiya Night in Apartment and for a change I was also part of such an event. I’d never participated in any of dance in past not even in school or college. I was mostly in sports, I don’t think that creativity has anything to do with me, hence never tried my hands/feet J though I wanted to but could not gather courage to go and participate. I was also lil nervous because I was dancing for the first time in front of my parents. Gubbu also enjoyed. Mom dressed her up in her lil dandiya dress- lehenga and choli and she looked super cute with bindi and lipstick J

Oct 2022- Comes Oct and parents went back to hometown, immediately I had to go to Delhi to visit Delhi NCR units and this was a long trip of 4 days and 3 nights. I regret it. Gubbu and I were not able to cope up the distance. Hence decided that no more long trips for me. After parents left, I invited one of my neighbor along with her 3YO daughter. Initially Gubbu took time to mingle and demonstrated mood swings including- being possessive about her toys and other things, copying the other girls statements and expressions, crying when she was leaving. We had playdates for 3-4 days until I had to travel to delhi. I could see lil change in Gubbu’s behavior in terms of sharing and talking. One of my close friends delivered baby boy and we went to see the baby. We wanted to see how Gubbu reacts after seeing such a small baby for the first time and OMG her reaction was epic. She held the baby so carefully and effortlessly, she was not harsh while holding the baby. She kept on planting kisses on baby and an infectious smile and happiness was on her face. She tried putting the baby to sleep same way I do. Within that short span of time, she was so protective and concerned about the baby. It almost brought tears to eyes and my heart was filled with wordless emotions. We both were just looking at her behavior and happiness. Something similar happened at our neighbor’s house, when we visited them for Diwali in our apartment. Gubbu kept on saying- chhota baby chhota baby (it’s a small baby) and kept smiling and laughing! To my surprise she also played so well with their elder son who’s 5 years old. I was relieved at least she’s mingling with kids now. Celebrated Diwali on Oct 24, 2022 and since it was our first Diwali at our own house, it was even more special. What made me felt proud was Gubbu was helping me in all decorations, cleaning up diyas, making rangolis, she even made few using rangoli stencils. I read the Diwali Festivals Story from her book and made her understand about the festival. She was scared of the bursting crackers but enjoyed firework- chakri and anar, that’s what we call them. She was not ready to come upstairs for dinner 😀


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