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Phoenix… yes that’s how I will define myself! Though I’ve not accomplished anything worthwhile in my life so far, sometimes I can surprise you with my insane and unexpected behaviour, but I know, I’m not that bad at all.

Similar to a Phoenix who rises from its own ashes, I rise from my own negativity and sadness! By God’s grace, I’m blessed with capability of finding even a weak ray of hope from the deepest darkness of despair and sorrow! I rise from my own negativity and hopelessness and move to positivity and confidence! And that’s what I like about myself! I’m not a narcissist but I do appreciate good things about my own self! And I believe, everyone should!

I’m not here to preach you or fill your mind with my life’s stuff but I’m here to express myself, to read beautiful creations of fellow souls!

I’m Shivi and I welcome all of you in my journey! Let’s walk together… 🙂 🙂

Updates as on Dec 3, 2021

This space needs updates! almost 6.5 years back when I wrote this intro about me, I was a shattered person for so many reasons. I distinctly remember that dark night and that terrace of my PG in Gurgaon when I wrote this intro! I have come a loooong way since then! So quick recap:

I’m still the same as mentioned above with few additions and deletions in my life:

To begin with, I’m happily married for almost 5 years and a Mom of a 2.5 years old baby girl who’s the best (every mom’s feeling for their kids) 🙂

I’m in a better space now as compared to my past.

Settled in Bangalore and yes,

I was the same person, who longed to come to Bangalore but now keep thinking of going back or settling down in Varanasi/Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), my home towns.

Finally I’ve become a Boss! hahaha!! and I guess I’m doing good work in that position! At least I can see that in eyes of my juniors! Lil bit of bragging is worth it.

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  1. Hi Shivi! Good to know you and thank you for your lovely comments on Happiness and Food. I am so glad to know you are from Mughal Sarai. I heard this name after 21 years so you can imagine me smiling as I write this. As a blogger , you will relate to the feeling of a reader connecting and resonating and your comments made me think exactly that. So thank you! I would love to see you around. ❤


    1. i’m from mugal sarai…..ohhhhh.. now i heard that after sooooooooooooo many years!! i don’t know where exactly the kids of a father, who’s in transferable job, belong to.. i guess they have their lived their lives in so many places, ever where they go they make homes and not houses! So yes, it was a transition and life took us to different places- mugalsarai, banaras and finally parents are settled in lucknow (where i dont feel much connected, have my own reasons for that)!

      Home for me is now Bangalore and Lucknow! mugalsarai and banaras have become tourist places for us and mostly are in memories now!!

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