Know Me

Phoenix… yes that’s how I will define myself! Though I’ve not accomplished anything worthwhile in my life so far, sometimes I can surprise you with my insane and unexpected behaviour, but I know, I’m not that bad at all.

Similar to a Phoenix who rises from its own ashes, I rise from my own negativity and sadness! By God’s grace, I’m blessed with capability of finding even a weak ray of hope from the deepest darkness of despair and sorrow! I rise from my own negativity and hopelessness and move to positivity and confidence! And that’s what I like about myself! I’m not a narcissist but I do appreciate good things about my own self! And I believe, everyone should!

I’m not here to preach you or fill your mind with my life’s stuff but I’m here to express myself, to read beautiful creations of fellow souls!

I’m Shivi and I welcome all of you in my journey! Let’s walk together… 🙂 🙂


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