A for Achcha Din

Writing after quite a long time. I’m not gonna indulge into where I was, probably through this Blog Marathon I would be able to update you all what had happened in past few months.

I’m entering this A-Z Blog marathon initiated by Pepper; so that I can bring myself into the long lost writing mode. I had not posted much in past; I no longer wish to be extinct from this space. I want to allow myself to flow, new thoughts, words, feelings, emotions to come and touch me. Though I’m very late since I had announced my participation in this marathon but it’s better late than never 😉 Also this would be my first ever Blog Marathon J Happy, excited and determined to accomplish this journey. More than just writing for this marathon, I want to remind myself that I need to give myself the time I deserve, I need to give some time to my inner self; to sit in peace and allow words to just flow.

I couldn’t find a better day to start this marathon than today. A for Achcha Din (Good Day). Indeed it was! It was a content, happy and a comfy Sunday. Woke up aaram se without getting disturbed by morning alarms and worrying about what to prepare for breakfast, whether water is coming to do daily chores and if I’m getting late for morning meeting & rounds. The day started with music, talking to mom, sis and Lattu over phone. Had sprouts and tea in breakfast, a healthy breakfast :O at least that’s what I feel. Watched TV, What’s Apped my girls gang, and family, clicked random lazy selfies for family. Planned for rest of the day with Lattu. With passing time, I dragged myself to get up to do necessary chores like laundry, cleaning room, ironing clothes for coming week and for today. I was doing all of these stuff without any hurry or worry as it was my day and I had got a lot of time to do things without rushing for anything. As per plan met Lattu, he had parked his bike in some mall, we took an auto ride to one of the market places. We enjoyed roaming around, walking, doing window shopping, trying stuffs, buying junk jewelries for myself, teasing each other. It was fun with him. After a lot of walking, talking and roaming around, we went to the mall to get his bike. As nomadic we are, we went to another mall to watch CREED. Now let me tell you, it’s a fantastic movie to watch. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee go ahead and watch the movie. In this whole happy-happy picture, there came a hindrance when I became lil hypoglacemic (low blood sugar) and this was just before the starting of movie while we were enjoying our beverages in CCD. I recovered little during the movie and after that. Lattu dropped me back to my house after the movie. On my way back to house, we felt and enjoyed the chill weather and the calm road.

And then here I am… registering the day’s happening to freeze the memory of it. After so long I had a calm and content weekend. Thank you God and Thank you Lattu… Now that I’m falling asleep, I shall stop boring you guys with another detailed description. Rest for tomorrow…

How had your weekend been???

P.S. I know this post looks more like an essay but can’t help it! Please bear with me!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. This post was written 20 days back and was crying its lungs out to see the light of the day…


4 thoughts on “A for Achcha Din

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  1. A fellow blogger once told me that writing is never soul-less, so I’ll just pass on the baton and tell you that writing is never boring. If someone read your post till the end, it’s almost certain that (s)he didn’t find it boring. As far as non-readers are concerned, they’ll not read stuff either way! And by the way, I totally relate to writing for freezing things across time. I’ve emphasized and re-emphasized it so many times that it’s become a cliche` for me now. 😛
    Bring on the ‘B’ now, won’t you?


  2. This post is making me think even if I should start this series. Being so occupied/lazy/stuck to post regularly these days..! It needs to be given a serious thought and action plan. Thanks to you for bringing in this inspection 🙂


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