I’m Moving

I'm Moving...

A quick update about things happened in past few weeks…

  1. Got a new job in one of the dream companies in my favourite City…. 😀 😀 so i’m movinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg…… super excited and happppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyy… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: leaving the current city by month end. Have put my papers.. i’m only apprehensive about my relieving formalities from my current company as i’ve not told them the real reason of leaving the job!! 😦
  2. My parents have also moved to our own flat in a new city last month 🙂 in a way good, but neither me nor my siblings are happy with this movement as we loved our previous city 😦 😦 we had our college, school, friends, memories.. we left everything behind and moved on 😦
  3. Little apprehensive about finding a new abode in next city, as i dont want to stay in hostel or paying guest accommodation! but at the same time i’m also facing lil financial crunch as i wont be getting salary next month and have to survive on my one month savings. Now see, this is a big problem and challenge for me! As Mom said, i should have saved but i didn’t now I”m suffering 😦 you are right Mom.. i’ll start saving from now onwards 😦 pakkkkkkkkkkkkaaaa wala promise!
  4. Met my old college friend and her son last week, we were joined by other friends. Had great fun 😀 She has real cute baby.. 🙂 🙂 muaah..
  5. Busy in calling up people whom I wanna meet before leaving… gonna see three of my friends this weekend.. and i’m excited and eagerly waiting for it.
  6. How can i leave without shopping… 😛 😛 so yesssss… even that’s final.. it’s gonna be a full girls shopping gang on coming Thursday evening 🙂 🙂

How have you been guys?

Till next update.. Love you all…


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