B for Bangalored

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss… I’m back to my favourite city, I’m eventually Bangalored. It’s been a month and have joined one of my favourite companies. There are challenges in terms of streamlining processes and other stuffs in the company but I’m happy about it. Not just that… I’m also in pursuit of my dream house. Currently I’ve anchored my stay at a Paying Guest accommodation. It is not bad not so good but I’m happy because it’s close to my office and it’s in a good locality. But my hearts is craving for a house and I’m desperately looking for it. Luckily I’d got a call from one of the Real Estate Agents and I’m gonna see a newly constructed house tomorrow evening. Let’s see, if everything goes well I might shift by this month end to start my new year in my new house. I hope so… fingers crossed…!!!

P.S.: I saw the house which I had mentioned above. It was not goooooooooooooooood  😦 😥


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