My Dreams

Living my dreams
Living my dreams

Call it late night or early morning, I’m awake with wide open eyes, active soul, body, mind with positively charged thoughts. Just finished watching Filmfare Awards on Youtube. This time it just not entertained me, but also ignited some thoughts in me. I watched several actors getting recognized for their hard work, for their true efforts, for what they love doing, for which they invested their heart and soul, the work which meant everything to them. It’s such an honour to get recognized by who’s who of any industry. It matters, it really matters to anyone.

This award ceremony travelled me back to past where my ex-company used to organize such an event annually on their Founder’s Day. I had seen real talents and hard work getting recognized at a great platform. I had desired for one such moment in my life then and even now. While watching today’s award show, I had dreamt of getting recognition for my true efforts, hard work from the person who is so well known in my industry, who’s the Father of Modern Industry. I really want myself to raise my standards and reach that platform. It would be such a wonderful feeling to be in that moment, to feel the THRILL OF SUCCESS!!

I need to work harder and harder, I need to put my heart and soul towards that, to achieve what I truly want and this is the reason I’m registering my thoughts immediately so that I don’t forget this moment, this positive aura around me, this true spirit, positivity.

It’s high time not just have a dream which gets lost with growing time, but actually work towards them.

May God blesses me with strength and strong will power!



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  1. So good to have such focused dreams. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I have none when it comes to corporate careers. Lol.. I am terrible and what most of the world considers ‘a shame’..

    My dreams and ambitions in life are pretty damn different šŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Pepper for stopping by and for your lovely thoughts šŸ™‚

      Alike you, I’m very poor in setting any objectives or goals for myself- be it personal or professional life.. let’s see how things turn out! but i always feel one should have some sort of goal to chase.. it gives you a direction to move on… unfortunately/fortunately i’m miserable in both- setting as well as achieving goals.. so… we share the same platform.. šŸ™‚


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