Love for Hindi Novels- 1

April 28, 2022, 15:48, Bangalore

I just finished re-reading the Hindi Novel Chaudah Phere by the famous Hindi Novelist Shivani. After a very long time I got my hands on any Hindi novel and also after years I finished reading a book within 2-3 days which I must say that I absolutely loved.

I used to read a lot of Hindi novels/books during my school and college days but as the time passed habit of reading was taken over by smart phone; though the love to buy books and add them to my collection remained same. From long time I wanted to restart reading and I’m really glad that I started with one my favorite writers. I absolutely love reading Premchand, Shivani, Saratchand. There are my childhood memories attached with their writings. Whenever I see their books, I kinda relive my childhood. Today as I completed re-reading Chaudah Phere, I don’t remember when and where did I first read that book but Yes, as I was progressing towards the end, I remembered the climax of the novel and a sweet smile just swept over my calm face. “Those were days” as the elders say, when I used to finish reading any novel in just 3-4 days or may be less.

I’ve a strange kind of feeling inside me upon finish reading the book. I had read the book in childhood but the interpretation of those feelings, words, situations seemed more clear to me now when even I have seen this world and have those experiences as mentioned in the book. Those description of feelings, nature, situation felt more closer to me now that before. I was able to picturize them clearer now. Ek andar se bheega hua sa lag raha hai, kya hai ye feeling nahi pata, but achchi feeling hai, achcha lag raha hai, aisa lagta hai jaise koi barso purana dost mil gaya ho aur purani saari baato ki gathri khul gayi ho!

I want to read more now. I’m glad I read so many books in my childhood and I would wish Gubbu (my daughter) to read those books as well which my mother and I have read. Book are for forever and are legacy. I want to pass on that beautiful collection of Hindi Novels for her and generations to come. Now that I’m on the verge of getting the handover of my flat, where we both- me and Pochu (My husband) have made a not so small, not so big bookshelf/library, I’m more inclined to decorate them with books- hindi, bengali, english and read them of course!


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