Blast from Past Draft Post: Life Updates- 3

That’s how I was writing in last two months- in bits and pieces…

Life Updates- 18 Aug 2018

So here I am, with a severe headache since morning, a cup of hot green tea, an awaken mind full of miscellaneous running thoughts. So where exactly was I from almost 1.5 months? Eat, Sleep, Work, home and repeat; this has been a routine. So let’s start from where we left-

In-laws visiting us in third week of July, they had really short stay. Initially we had planned to take them to Mysuru but then considering their tight schedule and our tight planning of going and coming back on the same day, we dropped the idea. It would have got them real exhausted. Instead we took them to a famous Bengali Restaurant, got them a beautiful Radio called Carvaan (I loved that to the core) which had almost or more than 5000 Hindi songs of all times. I really like some of the things about Pochu’s family- their interest for travel, books, food and songs! That’s quite fascinating because I love them too. So coming back to radio, it had wonderful songs which were reminiscent to my childhood days, when I used to stick around with the radio we had at my home. I don’t know where it is now and in what condition.

26 Aug 2018, 06:34 PM

Sitting in balcony and writing… both after so long.  I must say it’s an amazing feeling to login on your wordpress account and write directly instead of writing on word and then copy pasting it through mobile or computer. Accessing your blog though your computer has a whole different feeling.

Lots of updates that’s what I feel. Since my last post  I had been thinking and planning on lot of topics to write about but all those are still in my head and half of them have already said goodbye to me since I did not write them.

It’s Rakshabandhan today. I’d sent Rakhi to all my brothers, all of them have received except S. Sis had sent the pics of rakshabandhan and I was lil sad to see.

PS: Blast from Past.. another draft post of Aug 2018.. Guess, August is month of draft posts for me! 🙂


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