Blast from Past Draft Post- Random Musings

Disclaimer: At some point of time, this post may sound like a feminist post, but it’s not. One might feel that certain thoughts are feminism influenced but believe me they ain’t. they are just my thoughts, because they are coming from my inner self. So, at any point of time, if you wish not to go forward reading this post, I’m absolutely fine with that 🙂

Aug 17, 2017, 09:09 PM

It was raining heavily five minutes back and now it’s just drizzling. One can’t believe if they haven’t seen the scenario 10-15 minutes back. It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post and the way I’m writing it’s been ages I feel. A beautiful atmosphere, let me describe this for you- it is was raining drizzling, my favourite Late Mr. Jagjit Singh’s gazals playing, dim light, sitting at dinning table writing this, Pochu, the husband, is in other bedroom with his phone, cooking egg curry for him rice for me, which in between writing this post, i’m simultaneously checking. So this is the scene! Oh!! in between this sudden aroma of egg curry indicates that the masala has cooked and seems to be tasty! But alas! i can’t eat courtesy it’s Thursday today. I love writing such description coz when i read  them back, i can visualize those moments and relive them.

So, what has happened in past few months? When I look back, i fail to recall anything significant except these few things-

  • Our parents visited us, first my parents in May and then his parents in July.
  • My sister got a job here finally.
  • Professionally speaking, I got moved to main office from my admin block. It was lil difficult initially adjusting to the new atmosphere but now i’ve managed. Also, a new team mmeber has got internal transfer and joined my dept so finally i’ve a support system in terms of a colleague.
  • Over the period of time, I feel i’ve become very boring. I don’t know when was the last time i clicked a pic of mine, our’s or just the random click of anything and everything which i used to love doing.
  • Teej is next week; but I’m unsure as whether i’ll be able to do my first teej or not, courtesy- shaadi ke baad sasural ke niyam aur kayde (rules, regulations and rituals to be followed at in-laws house). For uninitiated, I’ve had an inter-culture marriage with my long time bengali friend and I’m from northern part of India. So, you can make out the cultural differences. Though not much but still, there are differences. So even a small difference in culture and rituals becomes big thing once you get married. I was super excited for my first Teej  but my Mom asked me to check with my in-laws if i can do that or not and that just completely broke my heart. Because already my MIL has raised concerned once.

PS: I don’t know the reason behind putting the DISCLAIMER in bold and italic and underlined! 😀 Sharing old post resting in Draft since Aug 2017! It’s fun sometimes I feel, looking at draft posts!


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