My First Wedding Anniversary- I

Dec 15, 2017, 11:17 PM Exactly a year back, I was on stage in front of so many people, who came to meet and greet me and my husband. It was our Wedding Reception. And today here as I write this, I'm in my bedroom trying to jot down the experiences I had on my... Continue Reading →

C for Cool Evening

Sitting in front of mall in this cool evening, which is sufficient to make me shiver lil bit. I'm waiting for Lattu to come. He's stuck somewhere and will take another 15-20 min or may be more than that. Listening to the track  "kuch iss tareh teri palkein meri palkon se mila de... Aansu tere saare,... Continue Reading →

My Dreams

Call it late night or early morning, I'm awake with wide open eyes, active soul, body, mind with positively charged thoughts. Just finished watching Filmfare Awards on Youtube. This time it just not entertained me, but also ignited some thoughts in me. I watched several actors getting recognized for their hard work, for their true... Continue Reading →

No PDE Rule- Day 1

Now that i had set a NO PDE (Public Display of Emotions) rule for myself yesterday, i tried to stick to that today. There were few occasions where i felt, i had breached the rule and just to register them in my thoughts, i'm outlining them here: Breach of Rule: Incident  1: I had a... Continue Reading →

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