KK- Not just a Singer

KK- My all time favorite

KK– Krishnakumar Kunnath (23 August 1968 – 31 May 2022), popularly known as KK, was an Indian playback singer. But for me and many more souls like me, he was not just a Singer! He was a feeling, an emotion, voice to our thoughts, feelings, first love, that first infatuation; I’m at loss of words for him. How special he was to me could be understood by the mere fact that I actually cried post his demise and I still get teary eyed whenever I think of his sudden death and see his interviews. I’ve never cried or felt at loss for demise of any celebrity but this time I was devastated.

I used to get goose bumps listening to his songs and I still do. Most of his songs were like blood in my body and breathe to my soul.. they were indispensable, irreplaceable part of my growing up years. I really wanted to meet him once and take his autograph but alas! now it’s only a dream.

KK… you don’t know me but for me your voice was food to my soul, words to my emotions! You will be missed deeply. I can’t express my feelings for your loss, I’m just numb and speechless!! Om Shanti! Har Har Mahadev!!


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