and it touched my heart- 3

April 27, 2022, 11:41 AM Bangalore

Incident 1- Some random morning hours in April 2022, we both- me and Gubbu, were in balcony and she was gleaming with happiness mere by looking at the vegetable vendor. While identifying all vegetables on the cart and showcasing her knowledge, she also joined him in chorus- gajar, bhindi.. etc. etc. and suddenly while the vendor was arranging his vegetables, he found some rotten tomatoes and threw them, and here goes my Gubbu (with surprised look and both her hands on her cheeks)- “Ohh Noooo, tonato gir gaya!!” which translates- Oh no, tomatoes fell down! I was stunned at her sentence formation, also smiling and proud of her speech progress!

Incidence 2- I brought her to my office last week. While sitting on the chair in front of my desk, she pointed to the photo frame to give it to her. I wanted her to ask for it verbally and upon asking what does she wants, she just pointed her finger again towards the photo frame featuring we 3- me, husband and new born her. The conversation goes like-

Gubbu- What is this? (her favorite sentence these days, which she has learnt)

Me- Photo frame

Gubbu- I want photo frame!

Me- Rolling eyes, smile and give the frame to her as she showcased her little intelligence.

Gubbu (Pointing her little index finger on photo frame)- Mummy, Baba, Babyyyyyyyy!!

A sense of achievement and happiness takes over her face and mine as well šŸ˜€


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