and it touched my heart- 2

Bangalore, March 31, 2022, 15:01

I was in rushing for work as my cab had arrived, Gubbu (my 2.9 YO daughter) was standing on chair near washbasin, all ready for brushing her teeth along with her dad. I came hurriedly, hugged her and after planting a kiss on her bald head, told, “Bye Gubbu, mumma office jaa rahi hai! (Gubbu, mumma is going to office)” to which she responded “I love youuuuuu” and hugged me tightly! I was in disbelief and she told again- “I love youuuuuu….” and it touched my heart and soul…!!

I didn’t expect that and as a result was surprised, I looked at my husband and mom who were standing nearby, they all proudly and happily smiled and likewise Me!! I hugged her again and said- “I love you tooooo….” and left to catch my cab.

On the way to office, while rewinding the scene, I broke down! I started crying out of happiness of her surprising me like this or because of sadness of her growing up so fast, no idea! Her every little moment started running in front of my eyes! Like how last night instead of going to her dad for sleeping, she came to me and said- Mumma paas! Mumma paas! (I want to go to Mumma), held my hand and slept off! Like how, the Nurse held her in that green OT cloth and showed her first time to me in OT- “Shivi, this is your baby! she was born at so and so time, this is her birth weight, you have a baby girl”…. I’ve no memory after that… rest whatever Nurse told or did with me or baby, is blurred to me till date. The statement made by Nurse and the first sight of my Jaan, my life- my daughter, is itched in my brain and memory, it’s like set in stone and I’ll never ever forget in my lifetime!

Love you Gubbu!


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