Tough Times never last But Tough People Do!

02.02.2022, 16:43 Bangalore

A lot is going on right now some of which is totally unexpected. I keep wondering why such bad stuff is happening to us but then I just happened to read some of the quotes which really helped to take control of my emotions and not worry much. It goes like-

“Whatever is happening is happening for a reason, may be it was meant to be this way, which will pave path for future. It might be your Karma or someone else’s Karma but this too shall pass!”

“Whenever we go through bad phases in life we question God- why are you silent, why can’t you see my pain and agony and do something? But then, we forget that when we are writing any exam/test, our invigilator is silent too! so is the case with God!” I feel, He will answer but at the right time after ensuring that we have learnt our lessons and are strong enough!

5 years back, when we started our marital journey, we did not have much in our hands in terms finances but then we worked hard and managed to come out with flying colors. Together we managed to have good and bad times. Today again the different kinds of conditions we are thrown into are giving us life lessons and I know this time too we will come out stronger and happier! Touchwood!

Sometimes when we look back and talk about how we started and where are now, this gives me a strong hope that after 5 years from this day, we will be talking and discussing about this day and we will be happy that as a team we did it again.

Tough Times never last But Tough People Do! yes, I do believe in this!


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