Travel Diaries- 1

Jan 21, 2022, 11:13 AM

I happened to visit my parents after two long years. I’m back with a relaxed mind but heart and soul are still reminiscing mom made awesome food, dad’s overflowing love for his grand daughter as compared to his daughter, foggy cold winter mornings and not to forget those extra kilos which I have gained in last two weeks πŸ™‚ 😦 and a lot more stories which I wanna share. Some glimpses of my Lucknow Travel are here.

Train Journey after many years which is precisely I guess after Oct 2018 and first time with my 2.5 years daughter. I was skeptical but by god’s grace everything was fine except the train delay of 8 hours 😦
Train Journey used to be fun. It taught me so much. I remember I travelled alone for the first time to Pune for my MBA final year internship, carrying chilly powder for my safety! πŸ˜€ Thankfully I got nice fellow passengers and my fear of travelling alone was gone!
The famous Chuda Matar of U.P. and Bihar. Aaaaah!! I’m craving for it. This is one way of making it out of many other variations. This was a constant breakfast and I bet no one can replace your mom’s cooking!
Here goes another famous winter breakfast/snacks- Aalu Matar (Potato & Green Peas stir fry)! I think I did not do justice calling it with such english translation! Aalu Matar is a feeling! πŸ™‚
This is again a famous snacks in U.P. You can see vendors sitting across roads, boiling Singhada (Water Chestnut) and giving it with green coriander chutney! After ages I got my hands on it and completely enjoyed it.
Aalu Chaat…. which when travels to Bangalore acts super pricey. Sometimes when I order Aalu Chaat in Bangalore, I feel like as if I’m ordering Sushi or any other exotic food 😦 So I had it enough in Lucknow so that I don’t crave for it in Bangalore; which I guess is not going to happen!
Aalu Tikki getting ready… seldom you see this beauty in Bangalore!
Fish fry by Dad! Childhood memory! when we were young, Dad used to get fish and we used to have gala time. Dad used to fry fishes and my job was to make seasoning which was white salt, black salt and red chilly powder with lil chaat masala and few lemon wedges. dad used to fry fishes and I used to plate them, garnish them with onion rings and sprinkle the seasoning and give it to Mom and my siblings! Such were those carefree, innocent days! which I relived this time!
My sis insisted us on trying Dragon Fruit! We also tried Lasagna on her insistence and kinda liked it. So here is to training new things!
Khasta Kachori, Aalu Sabzi, hot Jalebi and Chai.. what else do you need to make your mornings Perfectttt!!

So this was a snippet of my Lucknow Diaries! More stories are on their way!

Take Care!


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