Life Updates- 4

Sept 18, 2021 Bangalore

Last few weeks were quite hectic and packed. My plate was not just full but overflowing. Luckily today seems to be the day when I found some time to breath. After my last post, lot of things occurred where sometimes I didn’t time to register and sometimes, I just procrastinated. So let’s catch up:

As part of Personal Project, I started to get up early, at least by 06:30 AM and that helped. I started going for morning walk with my husband and daughter. It continued for good 2-3 weeks, we both felt good about doing something together and following some routine in our lives. But unfortunately Pochu (husband) got ankle injury and since then we stopped going for morning and post dinner walks, it’s been 2-3 weeks since our routine has got disturbed. I was also taking Gubbu (2 YO daughter) for post dinner walks. One fine day we happened to meet another toddler, a baby girl who was 2-3 months elder to Gubbu, we interacted with her parents who were around and we decided for playdate. We slowly started with morning walk which lasted only for one day as they were leaving for their hometown.

I also happened to meet Ms. P with her almost 3 years old daughter who initiated the playdate idea two days a week and we taking Gubbu, wherein both kids slowly and steadily interacted but I feel more than that, we moms interacted more 😀 This happened in Aug 2021 first week. Have not gone for any playdate this month owing to increased work load in hospital.

We went for a short trip to Chikmagalur during Ganesh Chaturthi leaves. It was a first time in swimming pool for Gubbu and me (yes, me… in my last 33 years of life, i have never been in a swimming pool and i guess that’s also justified because I don’t know swimming). I went in pool with Gubbu and Pochu and we thoroughly enjoyed. Gubbu wasn’t even ready to come out but alas we had to.

We came back from chikmagalur last Sunday and as part of a hospital event’s, I had to shoot a video conceptualized by me. I wasn’t prepared but the idea was tossed by the Branding Manager and I surrendered.


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