and it touched my heart

Dec 3, 2021 12:15 PM Bangalore

Whenever we step out, my almost 2.5 years old baby girl, takes out my/my husband’s slippers/shoes from the shoe rack, gives us and tells- Mumma Shoes!! Baba Shoes!!, sometimes she tries to make us wear them just as how we do for her! and it touches our hearts! I instantly feel that how she’s grown up so much whereas yesterday she was so small in my arms! I get tears of happiness, nervousness and all those mixed feeling which I can’t even name!

Yesterday, after I came back from work, we were having fun with play dough. After a while I got up to freshen up, she came up to me and started removing slippers from my feet, failing to realize what she’s up to, I let her do that, and then even the second slipper was taken off and she started pulling me and made me sit near at the playmat to continue playing with her. I was just astonished at her brain, which knew that we need to remove slippers and then sit at the playmat and then play. My lil one keeps surprising me everyday with lil acts of innocence and keeps touching my heart all the ways possible.

PS: Thanks to Google Photo Memories, everyday it keeps reminding and showing me old pictures and I keep pondering when was she this small and how did she grow up so fast! Noting down these small acts of innocence just to tell her and myself in future that how she meant the world to us!


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