Personal Project- 2


In my last post I spoke about some of my shortcomings which I did not like about myself and then I set up some daily routine for myself and one of my fellow bloggers- JourneyOfMyThoughts was keen on taking up that along with me, first of all Thanks a tonne, that means a lot!

So here’s the update:

  1. The day I wrote that post which was July 24, 2021, I did avoid procrastination to some extent at work and at home. Got some of the work done. Went to my close friend’s house as it was her son’s 3rd birthday on July 25, 2021 (sunday) and I had dropped my babysitter and Gubbu (my 2 YO daughter) at her house in the morning. So nothing much happened in the evening except some pizza party, running around the kids.
  2. Next day was the birthday, again birthday lunch and dinner preparations, running around kids, house decoration, birthday celebration and coming back to home.
  3. Monday (July 26, 2021)- I did wake up somewhere around 6-6.15 AM, had my tall glass of warm water, listened to meditation chants, woke up Gubbu, we listened to some shlokas together, had my breakfast at home and left for work. Completed some of the pending tasks, called it a day. Couldn’t accomplish evening routine much as mentioned but had dinner with Gubbu and went for a walk.
  4. Tuesday (July 27, 2021)- Was down with periods, hence woke up late somewhere around 6:50 AM, was irritated and cranky. Did not have breakfast at home. Day was not as planned but got some work done. It was not completely useful and unproductive.
  5. Wednesday (July 28, 2021)- Woke up at 6:45 AM, followed morning routine, day was lil productive as compared to last two days. Evening routine was shaky, we went out to get some household stuff.
  6. Thursday (July 29, 2021)- Woke up at 06:30 AM. For a change, I recited shlokas for Gubbu while feeding her lukewarm water today. This is the new thing I’m starting today.

So the moral of the story is, though I’m not following everything as planned but at least something I am doing to bring a track to my life and also since I’m aware that JourneyOfMyThoughts is also in this together in whatever ways, my mind is conscious that I gotta do things right. Also, reason behind writing the time I wake up everyday is to remind myself that atleast I tried waking up early and I need to improvise on same.

Hey JourneyOfMyThoughts what’s your status?


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