Personal Project 1

Let’s start with an acceptance, I’m a procrastinator not always but yes, I may say that it’s a 50-50 scene. This procrastination has costed me not in my professional life but sometimes in personal life as well. I lost 2 major projects which I initiated and then did not pursue it further courtesy procrastination and eventually the idea was taken up by my bosses and it’s successfully implemented now. This was in my previous company and I deeply regretted that. I actually did lot of work on that but sadly because of my procrastination, I missed the opportunity.

Here are few weaknesses I would like to jot down and then work on them and that’s the whole purpose of this post. I really want to be that better person which I always wished to see myself as ever since my school days. So here are few to start with and I need support and wish to extend my support if anyone else wishes to come along with me. I know there might be lot of support groups but unfortunately I’m not aware of any such group right now, all I have is this space and my few readers. I’m actually lil nervous to accept things here which I’ve not admitted even to myself but then there’s a post of mine which I wrote few years back and that post partially became true. So here I am, considering this space to be the graveyard of my thoughts, my fears, my weaknesses and also my lucky charm. Let’s begin in a positive way…

!!Om Ganeshay Namah!!

  1. I procrastinate- I’ve lot of plans in my head, I’ll think about them, I’ll be very enthusiastic about it but then when the time of execution come, I’m least bothered and least interested and later I regret. For instance, I wanted to have fantastic photography and video for my wedding, like these days everyone does, and this was my plan from years together. But as days came closer to my wedding day and when we were finalizing the photographer, I suddenly became least interested and hence did not see the previous work of photographer and the end result I was left with is till date I don’t have my wedding album (my parents side), the photographs are random as if some immature/kid was handed over the camera. I still regret that but try hard not to think about it. Second instance, I wanted photography to be done for my baby, husband and me when she was born but again procrastination and zero interest took over my years long enthusiasm and nothing happened.
  2. Highly motivated vs Zero Motivation- And this is happening right now. Morning I was in this full mood of writing this post and setting up goals for myself and work towards improving but the again procrastination started showing up and I was like… no I don’t wanna write the post, it’s such a work etc. etc. But then I pulled myself and here I am writing this. So the problem is I get motivated easily and in the same speed also get demotivated.
  3. No consistency in action- personal and professional
  4. No discipline, organized life and fixed routine- From quite some time, having no routine has become my routine. I want to change that. For instance, I always wanted my wardrobe to be organized, sometimes I do organize and most of the time I struggle to search for clothes, items and get frustated.
  5. Not a morning person- I gotta be. Since I’ve a kid now and I spend travelling 2 hours for work, I hardly get time for myself and kid. If I want everything to fall in place and I need to get up early at least by 5.45 AM.
  6. Reactive approach to life and emotions and feelings- I’m a kind of person who reacts immediately and then regret. I’ve burnt my hands several times but still this needs hard work.
  7. Anger Management


I want to inculcate certain routine and be disciplined in life not just for my well being but also for my daughter. So here are few actionables which I plan to pursue for next 21 days as it is said that if you follow any activity for 21 days it becomes a habit. So let’s see how it goes.

Morning Routine:

  1. Get up early- 5.45 AM
  2. Lukewarm water
  3. Meditation/Stretching/Walk/Yoga
  4. Take kiddo for walk/terrace, listen to mantras/shlokas
  5. Have breakfast at home with kiddo

Evening/Night Routine:

  1. Pre-school activities with kiddo
  2. Have dinner with kiddo
  3. Walk post Dinner
  4. Listen to music with kiddo
  5. Journal my entire day

All the best to me!


4 thoughts on “Personal Project 1

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  1. Shivi.. the idea is interesting. Do you want to do it together?.. I almost felt like reading about myself and is pretty low on motivation these days. I may not be able to do the kid activities but I want to do the morning routine part of it. Let me know if you are interested. We can do it together and track progress on our blogs. As usual, my only rule for myself would be “to stay true to myself coz failure is okay but dishonesty isn’t”. I know I can try it out on my own, but sometimes seeing someone else do it, fills up for the lack of motivation.
    Let me know if you like the idea.

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    1. I loved your idea and that was the intention of putting it here.. you don’t know how skeptical and nervous, frightened I was putting my low points here but I’m really glad that I did it. Let’s do it together.

      Starting today?

      Will post all updates from tomorrow onwards?

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      1. I’m glad you did. We all have our shortcomings and no one’s a saint anyways. What’s more important is to have the courage to accept them and face it all head on.
        Yepp, let’s do this.
        So, that would make today the Day 1? Or is it going to be tomorrow?

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