Sound of Life

May 29, 2021, 10:16 AM

There is silence in my cabin, I was going to write absolute silence but then I realized the background sounds which led to the title of this post. My junior has not come to work today and hence I’m sitting alone in my cabin and experiencing a silent day. The day had started like regular days, just that I’m liking this empty and silent cabin. There are some background sounds which I would like to mention here, there’s a lady crying on ground floor loud enough to be heard till 5th floor of the building to my cabin, there are ambulances’ siren, distant honks of cars, buses and trucks, a security guard whistling to direct car parking in the hospital premises. Amidst all this, the lady is still crying and I’m just wondering as to why? Has she lost her dear one or someone is critically sick? I just did a silent prayer for her when I first heard her crying- to bless her with strength to face whatever situation she’s facing or going to face. The current time is not what anyone would like to face anytime. I mean really! I got to know of an incident in my hospital where an aged couple died, the husband collapsed first and upon seeing doctors rushing to her husband, wife realized her husband’s death and she also passed away! Horrible!!!! Just horrible!! This is what I can say, there are numerous heartbreaking stories like such! In another instance, a three day old newborn baby lost his/her both parents!! This really shook me, broke my heart!! I mean really!! The baby doesn’t even got to see his/her parents. God only knows with what fate such babies are coming to this world to suffer! I really feel bad for them. I feel helpless.

I guess motherhood has made me weak for others but stronger for my daughter. I really feel all other mothers now!

Dear God! Plz stop this Tandav now!! It’s going beyond everyone’s strength now! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!


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