Corona Kaal- 1

April 23, 2021, 12:18 PM, Bangalore India

Corona Kaal which translates to Corona period in English is indeed what our generation is facing from last one year. It’s been an year since March 2020 that entire World is infected with Corona. The first wave instilled fear, uncertainty among all of us, the World was in look out for its cure and eventually they found the Vaccination but alas! with constant mutation and change of Corona virus behaviour, the second wave has hit us harder than the first time; and it’s all because of us, our carelessness and complacency.

Talking about Bangalore, weekend curfew is going to start from tomorrow onwards, while coming to Hospital today, I saw lot of people with their bags packed ready to leave the city, they all were standing in queues or were waiting for the Buses to transport them back to their home sweet home, where they gonna just confine and hope not to get infected. My heart just melted seeing the sight and I was just imagining that how gutsy those daily wage laborers were, who took the risk of walking and covering those long distance just to reach their home. While I’m writing this I can hear the siren of ambulances carrying patients from one hospital to another. The situation is not just bad, it’s worse!

Like everyone even I’m worried for my parents and family. My brother has gone to Ahemdabad, Gujarat for his internship a week back for two months. My ailing parents are at their home in Lucknow, U.P., my sister is with her in-laws in Varanasi, my sis-in law has got COVID and she’s in Delhi and my aged in-laws are in Kolkata, the complete family is scattered in parts of country. I’m planning to get my parents to Bangalore, so that at least they are here with us.

My heart aches for people who are left with uncertainty, things just started to get back, people were still recovering and again the second wave of COVID-19!

I just pray to dear god with folded hands…Please ab aur nahin! No more roller coaster ride please!

Please ab sab kuch theek kar dijiye Bhagwan Ji! Everything is in your hands, you know who actually needs bed and oxygen. Plz help them! Like always, rich is getting benefitted and poors are suffering! Plz help!


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