April 20, 2021, 14:20 Bangalore

It indeed is… chaotic. My babysitter’s mother has turned COVID-19 positive, we got to know yesterday. As a precautionary measure, I’ve got my babysitter’s COVID-19 RT-PCR done yesterday evening. COVID is everywhere now, every other person is contracting COVID. I’m super scared for my daughter who’s just 21 months old. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I’ve been following up with folks in the hospital but the result has not come yet. At the same time, I’m worried for my parents back in my home town and my brother who has recently left for his internship to Gujrat. I really want my parents to come to Bangalore but I’m scared what if they get the infection, they both are in vulnerable group but at the same time, they both are not keeping well. I really wish in some magical way they just come here and I know they gonna be fine here and we all will be satisfied and calm.

What a threat it is to mankind. We all thought that this year 2021 gonna be a good one as compared to 2020 but no we were wrong, this year COVID has made a come back in a more stronger way. People are dying, looking for beds in hospitals and oxygen. No one is safe.. no one. I just pray that everything comes back to normalcy, the last one year has been enough of a roller coaster ride, we all just need little peace.


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