Quitting is not an Option

With reference to my last post, I accepted that job offer with a good hike and profile. It’s been three months actually now. Sometimes I regret and highly demotivated and sometimes I’m super happy; but it’s all about work. Deep in my mind I know I will not always get things straight, life is tough and full of curvy lanes, it’s on us who have to cross those lanes reach to our destination. I crib, I cry, I regret about this company being a small company which has just started expanding in Bangalore, India. My track record is always with big companies, I had thoughts in my mind that I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that but I guess it’s my weakness that I’m not able to handle things sometimes, may be my attitude and work ethics are not matching with the current company. I admit that with bigger role offered here I’ve become lil arrogant, I try to minimize that and I should work on that.

I really want to be blunt and straight here with my thoughts, so that I accept them with open heart and work on them. This space is my everything. I’ve got everything or almost everything which I’d aspired for and written down here. My words have reminded me to work towards my aspirations.

I want to:

Experience the THRILL OF SUCCESS.

This statement has got stuck with me since when I was may be in college or school, somebody wrote this in my slambook and to this day I look forward to experience the thrill of success. My hard work, my efforts paying off. I’ve this opportunity with this company and I really wanna achieve that. I need to forget all demotivating thoughts, processes, negative people around me and just work towards my goal which is to get the Accreditation for my Company.

Be People’s Person

I’m like my Mom. She speaks right but she’s strict in her tone. My tone sometimes makes or breaks the deal. Gotta work on that.

Not Underestimate the next person/situation

I do that most of the times. I sometimes jump on conclusions fast about people and situations and then I regret. Stop it immediately.

More updates shall come very soon….

With Love



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