Upon arrival of Motherhood does your career, aspirations, priorities take a backseat? May be yes or maybe not. It completely depends on person, it differs from person to person. While talking to one of my colleagues today who took a sabbatical of five years after her two kids and constant transfer of her husband, is making efforts to come back to work. I happened to get a job offer few days back but because of my pregnancy I refused and recommended her instead. She went for interview today and thankfully it went good and she’s waiting for next round of interview. While talking she said, “during and after interview all I was thinking was whether my lil girl had food, did she get up, did she eat something or not, was her diaper changed”. This sentence moved me and made me to think how priorities change over time. I started visualizing my future, how I’m gonna handle all of this. I have no choice but to work after my maternity leave which is now six months thanks to Indian Government’s changed rules for maternity benefits, but still. I can’t imagine leaving a small baby and going to work. How am I going to take up assignments which require me to travel, how am I going to take up bigger responsibilities? May be I’m hormonal right now but these are the questions I’m bothered about these days. I love my career, yes… but not at the cost of my personal life and relationships but working post maternity is now not a choice, it’s a requirement. I would like the idea of taking a sabbatical of another six months till the time baby becomes one year old but how will the finances be managed, how I’m gonna give a good life to my baby? Thoughts like these disturb me.


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