Life Updates- 3

Okay so the last post which got published was on July 8, 2018… like really… Such a long break!!! Phewwwwww… yes, it was! But I have lots of drafts in my laptop so it was not that I was completely away from writing but yes… I missed this place. So where was I? What was I up to? All answers are here-

August 2018– Observed my second fasting on Teej. It was great and as usual Pochu also was fasting along with me… now that’s so sweet again for the second time.

Sept 2018- Pochu’s Birthday Month!!! Got him a wrist watch which we later went and exchanged as per his liking; and I’m so glad that everybody who sees the watch appreciates it and I get pumped up with happiness when Pochu tells me how everybody appreciates the watch. I was not keeping well this month end because of weird weather conditions in Bangalore- fever, body pain, cold and cough etc. etc.

Oct 2018- Sis got engaged. We had our annual home visits to Varanasi and Kolkata, could not go to my Parents’ house but we met them in Varanasi. It was also Durga Pujo time and we had fun visiting all pandals in Varanasi, having local delicacies, roaming around those narrow famous lanes, visiting our mandatory temples- Kashi Vishwanath, Kaal Bhairav, Sankat Mochan. Special mention of this world famous in Varanasi local sweet shop- Bengal Sweet House. We, atleast I, ate the most amazing Rosogulla here and bought 2 kgs of pure desi ghee (clarified butter), had the most amazing samosas, dhokla and the bill was just Rs. 140 (except ghee) and it was three of us- me, Pochu and Sis. I was completely amazed by the taste and the bill. We went to Kolkata then to celebrate our first Durga Pujo in Kolkata. I fell sick 🤧🤒because of delay in train and continuously changing weather- Bangalore-Varanasi-Kolkata. Adding fuel to fire, the hot and humid weather of Kolkata and continuous and tiring journey and schedule😰😓😥. We did not enjoy much this time in Kolkata. Since it was Durga Pujo time, could not visit Kali Badi because of hugeeeeeeeee crowd. I so really wanted to go. It’s like when we are in Varanasi, we mandatorily go to Kashi Vishwanath, Kaal Bhairav temple and in Kolkata Kali Badi. I felt bad that just from outside of the temple we had to come back because of heavy crowd. Post that we visited famous India Coffee House, had good snacks cum lunch there, roamed around college street and got the books (again a ritual when in Kolkata); went to local market- gariya hat but again the disappointment- local shops were mostly closed because of Puja, could not buy much as per my long list which I had been preparing since two months 😭 We were back to Bangalore with heavy heart😣, I mean those ten days just flew and we didn’t even realize.

Nov 2018- So this was a life changing month. We discovered the biggest news of our lives- WE WERE PREGNANT!!!!💖💖💖🤰💖💖💖 And as you can expect- confirming it with home test, running to hospital and doctor for their clinical confirmation, tests, early pregnancy scan, medicines etc. etc. Emotional and hormonal changes, morning sickness rather full day sickness occupied my life. We shared the news with both sets of parents. I also shared this news with some of my close office colleagues. Ultimately we got a Cook which acted as a respite to our given situation. Diwali was not as fun as last time since we were not at home and given my condition I was also not able to do much or invite anybody over dinner. We did puja and played with phuljhadi, had dinner and slept. That quick and small our Diwali of 2018 was. We had a friend’s wedding in Delhi, I had to cancel my travel because of early pregnancy, so Pochu went alone.

Dec 2018- Visit to hospital, prenatal scan, emotional and hormonal changes, morning sickness continued. Sis visited me during her winter vacation before getting married. One more important thing we did was getting our MARRIAGE REGISTRATION🤵👰 done on our second wedding anniversary. Finalllyyyyyy!! We met some of our friends and shared the good news. New Year’s Eve was also like a regular day, we slept early on Dec 31, 2018 and I woke up in middle of the night with sound of crackers and cursing them for noise pollution… blame my hormones!!

Jan 2019- Mood swings, on and off health condition

Feb 2019- Hospital visit, prenatal scan, doctor visit. This month’s scan was lil different, it was done to rule out any down syndrome in fetus and upon realizing that I was lil worried but by god’s grace everything was normal.

March 2019- Sis got married. Had a big audit post that in my office. It went good, got appreciation for good coordination and managing the same.

April 2019- Got tested for gestational diabetes which was due in March but could not do it because of approaching audit. Everything normal… touchwood. Call it babymoon or a much needed break post sis wedding, audit and Pochu’s global boss visit, we took off and went to Ooty for 3 days.🏔🗻🏞🏘

That’s my life… what’s happening at your end… 😀


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