Life Updates- 2


So many things have happened in last few days.

Major highlights-

  • Sis left Bangalore on July 5th and moved to hometown to live with parents.
  • Bro finally got the job in one of the renowned companies in hometown. He will be joining from July 10th
  • Dad has got transferred to hometown.

So, see it’s a win-win situation for everyone except me, who’s here now all alone in Bangalore. None of the family members are close to me now. Sis-in-law left Bangalore last year and this year it’s my Sis 😦

I’m reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy very sad. She was here with me since 2016 even before I got married. We had gala time together. After my marriage, every holidays she used come to my house and we used to spend time together. Never I thought that she’ll move. These last two years were blessings to me. After I had moved out of house in 2009, this was the first time we both were living together like this. Though she was there with me in Delhi but within 2 months I had to leave for Bangalore. I miss her badly. Love you darling. I don’t know how good or bad sis I am for you both but I love you a lot my babies. I’m happy that finally parents and siblings will be together after a long time. Touchwood!! I so really long to go home for Rakshabandhan but can’t. Courtesy, already planned trips to In-laws and Parents.

It’s my Best Friend’s Birthday today. He’s my best friend since school, that got me thinking, this means we are together since 2005 ❤ ❤ I admit here that I forgot his birthday and only got to know when one of my rakhi bhai posted birthday message on our what’s app group, and even then I though it’s other friend’s birthday and my fingers were going to type happy birthday S…. and then something hit me and I tried remembering what date is it and whose birthday is it? I was stunned to realize that it’s Mr. D’s birthday! Spoke to him and was hit by another cruel reality that even after being in Bangalore we both have not met since May 2017 when he visited me. Now that was something too much! I was like waking up from deep sleep…one year.. gosh!!!!!! one year passed by so quickly!! So have planned to see him next week at his house! Touchwood! Really need to do this. Happppppppppppppppyyy Birthday my bestest friend!!!!! May god bless you abundantly with loads and loads of happiness and success!!

Chatting  while writing this with another close friend T of MBA. Have not met her after my wedding. Long time… she has a baby now… time flies… Another best friend A is due for delivery may be by this month end! Fingers crossed!!


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