Little Things- I

While scrolling through Youtube yesterday, Shivi came across a video which was a Rasgulla eating competition between a Bengali and non-bengali. Watching them have lots and lots of rasgulla, she craved for it and had this conversation with Pochu.

Shivi- Pochu tum mujhe rasgulla nahin khilate, tum real bangu nahin… (Pochu, you don’t get Rasgullas for me, I doubt if you are a real bengali)

Pochu (giving looks)- main nahin lata rasgulla…!!! (don’t I get rasgullas for you?)

Shivi- Nope…

Pochu busy with his phone, didn’t pay much attention towards Shivi. Both get busy with their Phones.

After sometime, Shivi finds another Bengali web series video and asks Pochu to watch it together, Pochu still on phone scrolling up and down.

Shivi (getting annoyed)- you are always busy with phone, come let’s watch this together… (tries to get the phone from Pochu)

Pochu- kaam kar raha hun naa… don’t disturb (I’m working, don’t disturb me)

Shivi annoyingly watches the video alone.

Ding –dong!!

Shivi gets up to open the door thinking brother has come back after the haircut.

Opens the door, finds a delivery boy giving a pack.

Shivi gets surprised.

He takes name of Pochu and confirms the receipt. In the background, she can feel Pochu running from master bedroom to guest bedroom.

Shivi keeps thinking who has ordered and what…upon seeing the parcel from a sweet shop, mystery gets solved and she comes to master bedroom looking for him. He comes in front coyly and upon asking what it is. He says nothing and asks her to have the rasgullas.

Shivi hugs him tightly with almost tears in her eyes.

These little things you do for me, makes me fall for you more and more…. ❤ ❤


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