Daily Updates- 1


May 23, 2018, 10:51 PM

It was a fair day if not good and bad. Post yesterday’s event, I had kind of got hold on myself I feel. A lil more determined, a lil more understanding, a lil more control over speech and random talks! Not bad for Day 1 ⭐ I spoke less, reacted less at office and tried working and focusing more ⭐

Since Pochu was at home today as he was not feeling well, we had lunch together. Had some thoughtful conversation and took certain decisions. I liked how it will simplify our lives, at least mine for sure if implemented. I was for no logical reason taking the tension and planning something not required. I just hope that it works out the way we have thought! Fingers crossed!!

It was a day of positivity and hope and no other better picture than enclosed here could define these two words. These small plants are Tulsi (Basil) grown out of nowhere in my rose and marigold plants. In my small balcony garden where I have got some lovely plants like three variety of roses, two variety of tulsi black and green (basil), a marigold (which survived out of 10-15 plants which I had planted on this new year’s day), aloevera, ajwain plant (carom), money plant, zz plant, these small tulsi plants started growing without my knowledge. On one fine morning while watering the plants I realized and found that in almost all my pots these small tulsi plants are growing up and they looked amazing, very beautiful.

Teaching a lesson that life is unpredictable and comes and gives opportunities to you only when it wishes. Life grows at unexpected places. I had tried growing more tulsi plants using its seeds but it didn’t grow, but it came on its own and taught me that sometimes we don’t get what we want but when time comes things come to you even without you asking for it.


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