At This Moment- II

May 22, 2018, 11:06 PM


At this moment-

… sitting with mug of warm turmeric milk, my most common home remedy to cure body pain, with loads of thoughts and determination in mind,decided to write this post just to remind myself of what happened today and what have I decided. Coz I very well know the fact that whatever I think of in some way or other, I get to it o it gets to me.

… I think it would be too early to discuss here what had happened today with me in detail but it’s work related and it made me really-really sad. I broke, I cried, I was very sad throughout the day. The day had started with this stupid thing which just ruined my complete day. Thankfully, Pochu came home early and we got some time to talk about that. I poured my heart out in front of him and expressed this strong and determined desire of fulfilling my dream, aspiration, thought of starting and having something of my own, at least this is the right time to try something, to fail, to succeed, to learn. I no longer wish to work for someone else and tolerate their stupidity and office politics. I was never into all these stuff and feel will never ever become someone who’s diplomatic, be aware about their so-called surrounding, who’s doing what and all etc. etc. As a person, I’m very straight forward and I like to be like that.

… I’m so glad and happy right now that my Pochu listened to all my stuff and consoled me like never before. He caressed me, held me close, hugged me! What else do you need when you are emotionally broke. He even advised and suggested me as what should I be doing ❤ ❤ now that really helped me in getting out of blue and made me feel light hearted. Thank you so much Pochu!

… I’ve decided-

  • to jot down my bucket list
  • to seriously look for options and my interests
  • to complete all incomplete tasks at work and at home
  • to bring all positive changes and shoo away the laziness and negative mindset in order to achieve what I had decided
  • as I had already uninstalled facebook and no longer linger on any social media except youtube, I would cut down that time too wasting my time and energy watching random videos

Dear God, give me the strength and strong determination to achieve this. I’m not taking whatever happened today as negative but as a turning point which should change my life in all happy and positive terms.



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