Last Post of 2017

Dec 31, 2017, 07:39 PM

So, this is going to be the last post of 2017… hmmmm.. didn’t even realize that a year passed by so quickly. In one of my post, I mentioned every month’s activities and when I sometimes read that, I feel so many things happened so quickly and here the last day of year has come and in just few hours 2017 will become a history. This present day will become a thing of the past.

A lot has happened in 2017. It was a year of new beginning, new life, understanding, balancing, in-laws, parents, health issues, financial management and lot more. But by God’s grace we endured everything and are in good shape. Thank you God!!

The best part of this year would be that Pochu quit smoking and frequent drinking 😀 super-duper happppppppppy and this happened on the day of our Anniversary. Will give the details in my coming posts.

We ain’t going for New Year celebration. I’m in my living room writing this post and he’s taking rest in bedroom. Yesterday his friend came over with his wife; we had great fun chit-chatting, eating, watching that much awaited and planned horror movie- Annabelle- Creation. It was really-really scary but was great fun watching with friends!!!!!!!! Pochu was supposed to go to office today for month end closing but because he didn’t feel good health wise he dropped the idea. And so our last day of year is very much like a regular sunday and we are happy with it. I think with growing age and experience you become less excited about things like this!! Hey, wait a sec… am I sounding like an old, boring woman? Nooooooo, I’m not but yeah, sometimes I prefer to be in my own company and don’t want any external interference. We went to watch a movie though in afternoon. “Jumanji” it was good!!

It’s my brother’s birthday today. My maasi and cousins had come home yesterday for his birthday. They video-called me in mid-night just to make me feel miserable and unfortunately they partly succeeded. I missed being there and having that fun with Maasi, cousins, parents!! 😦 That cold, foggy weather!!

Thank you year 2017, you will always be special for me as you were the first year of my married life and the biggest help which you did was that now my Pochu is no more a smoker and bozzer! I would like to thank my Bhagwan ji for everything, for blessing me and Pochu, for always being there for us!! Love you Bhagwan Ji… bas hamesha aise hi kripa banae rakhiye!!

Welcome 2018!! No new year resolutions as always but looking forward for this new year with lots of hope and positivity!!


Neeli 🙂 🙂


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