If we were having Coffee


If we were having coffee, I would tell you-

That I’m still very much alive and kicking. Excuses which I can give for not showing up here could be primarily my laziness, parents, in-laws visiting us, regular household work, a bit of writer’s block, I think that should be enough to convince you 😉

A lot has happened in past six months. Don’t know how much time will I take to narrate those stories to you but I can try to shorten them up just to keep you updated.

So, my parents visited us in May 2017. Because of some official urgency, they had to cancel their tickets on the day of their day of journey, and book for next day. Hence a week long holiday was cut short to just 4 days of stay; which went by like blink of your eyes. Those were super-fast days spent with parents, I feel. We couldn’t go anywhere except Tirupati, which is a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati is considered one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites because of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, besides other historical temples, and is referred to as the “Spiritual Capital of Andhra Pradesh”.

In July first week, my in-laws visited us for 10 days. Again, we couldn’t go anywhere much except that we took them to Barbeque Nation. They were happy, it was a new experience for them and we were glad that we were able to add to their experiences.

Came August, we had a trip planned with Pochu’s friend during Independence Day long weekend. That was going to be our first trip together after wedding and we all were very ecstatic about that. All travel and hotel bookings were done, we were all set to go. But because his friend met with a serious accident just the week before we were supposed to leave; we had to cancel our trip.

September was Pochu’s birthday month and I had planned so many things. I had planned every day with a gift which translates that a full on month celebration with gifts. It went on very well for a week or 10 days but because of my laziness and certain unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t get to go it for full month. Though, I had given him some thoughtful gifts but now I feel that he is not using them. Will talk about that later. September also brought our first Durga Pujo from Sept 21-29, 2017. Pochu had a trip planned for Thailand from his Office from Sept 25-29. I called my sister and we went to see various Durga Puja Pandals with his friend and wife. Pochu came back on the day of Navami and we all went again to see Pujo. On the day of Dashmi, I went with his friend’s wife P for Sindur Khela which is a Bengali Hindu tradition. On the day of the Vijayadashami after the conclusion of the ritual worship, married Bengali Hindu women apply sindur on the forehead and feet of the goddess and offer sweets to her. Then they put sindur on each other’s faces and offer sweets to each other. I loved that!

October, the most awaited month. With past experience of over enthusiasm regarding our holidays and travel, this time we were very cool, normal and quite for this trip. We were going to our homes first time after wedding. Though I had gone in February this year, but not with him. First we visited my in-laws and then for Diwali we went to my parents’ home. We had a blast during these two weeks of leaves. Lots and lots of food, pampering, gifts, Puja, shopping, new experiences, met his side of extended family members, relatives whom we couldn’t get to meet during wedding. We both were very-very sad while coming back. I’ve still not gotten over the home sickness and still feel alone at home. We both had become habitual of people around us. And now it’s just two of us. Sometimes I feel it’s good but sometimes I really wish it was easy for our parents to visit us regularly or vice-versa.

And here we are in November; we celebrated my sister’s birthday, who lives here. Thankfully it was Sunday so we were chilled out. Pochu cooked chicken, I made Matar-Pulao and we were sorted. One of my friends A joined us for this celebration. We had long-long talk. This month has also brought a very-very bad news for me. One of my friends from Graduation had passed away and the news was given to me by one of my estranged friends. He was just a year elder to me, had got married two years back and has a baby aged less than a year. I was devastated! I couldn’t believe that he’s no more. The news kept on haunting me for two-three days. I had nightmares, kept on thinking about him and all our estranged friends from graduation. The first thing that struck my mind after listening this news was that, I wish I could have spoken to him at least. Why didn’t I speak to him? What was holding us back? Why were we not in touch? I shared the news with one and only friend cum brother from graduation with whom I’m in touch, even he couldn’t believe! This incident really moved me and made me to talk to all my estranged friends. We came to a conclusion that life is too short to have grudges and let’s forget and forgive everything and reunite. As a result, we made a group on What’s App with most of our friends except my Ex. I don’t know why I mentioned him but yes, we all were very good friends and now each one of us are in different cities, lost touch with each other. I know today we ain’t the same old ones we used to be but what’s the harm in just keeping in touch with old friends. They are the ones who were part of our old memories, some of them we cherish and some we don’t even want to talk/think about. So, let’s just let it be.

Hard Lesson learnt- life is unpredictable, better not to have grudges and sort things with your loved ones. 

I think for such a long session of conversation, we need to have lots and lots of coffee! I hope you would like to sit down and have this long cozy conversation with me! Will you?



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  1. I am just glad you are back 😘 but it is sad to here about your friend. May his soul rest in peace. We are so used to having a normal, casual life but when we see someone close to us die that is when we realize that life is not so easy. And especially now, as we have grown up, reality of life begans to dawn upon us. I wish you courage to deal with the loss.

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  2. That was one hell of a ride through the second half of 2017. Glad that we do find time even if that is so rarely to update the blog. This is like our home that we could walk into whenever we want right?

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    1. Hi Ranjini.. it was indeed a lot. And you correctly said, I love this little home of our’s where its members not just tell us their wonderful stories but also come back to support each other by listening to our stories without any prejudice… isn’t it?

      Would love to see you again and again… 🙂 welcome to my world… 🙂


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