Happily Ever After…is it? Part 1

Setting the stage

“…And they lived happily ever after!!” We have been hearing this ever since…. no one exactly knows. Every girl on this plant wishes for a fairy tale wedding and wants her prince charming to come on a white horse and sweep her off her feet with his looks, love and care. Maximum Bollywood or Hollywood movies portray this picture; the girls are eagerly waiting for their prince charming to come and marry them; writers across globe find this to be a lucrative subject to in cash upon. The female leads of Television serials have this sole purpose in their life- to find that one person who loves them unconditionally no matter what and end up marrying with no tension and adversities in life; and they are even able to find one. Lucky souls indeed! And our poor janta aka mango people aka common people falls in this trap as woven by our movies and serials. Hey have set the expectations high for any girl or guy or may be parents. The makers of such movies and serials don’t even know what they have done to the mango people who are watching their creations. If you see the business model of the Wedding Planners in India or abroad, they are set. They are totally set without any loss. It’s a high profit making business. Today, every Indian girl wants a pre-wedding photoshoot, a grand haldi, mehendi and sangeet ceremony. Every girl wants to don either Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi lehenga which almost equals the ¼ (or may be more) of total wedding budget; which again, girls hardly wear for 3-4 hours and that lehenga never sees the day of light post wedding.

Coming back to the eternal question- is living happily ever after a reality or just an illusion? Why our movies and novels don’t dare to look and talk about post wedding scenario? Because they know, loving someone and chasing them/their families to get married is easy but living in a marriage and taking all the efforts to cope up with post wedding situations is the REAL TASK for both guy and the girl and if it’s a wedding with a twist like- inter caste, inter culture or the boss of all- inter-religion wedding, then toh it’s gone!! God bless the poor souls and their families.

Since my wedding is over and I’m a married girl now, one would wonder, why all these ranting and cribbing about wedding now? Is it natural or is it the side effects of 4.5 months old wedding? Could be or could not be! While I was watching a short movie on YouTube, I was compelled to think about my pre and post-wedding life. We all think that initial few months of wedding and job are “honeymoon” period! Is it really? No… not in my case at least. Let me tell you, we haven’t stepped out of this city together anywhere till this date. Our movie dates, coffee shop dates, lunch-dinner dates have reduced. We are one of those men-women who are financially challenged at the moment. No, I’m not cribbing or sad about this fact; because I know we both are trying hard and hard to make ends meet and I’ve no regrets or complaint about it. bigmarriagerefurbquotes19So, how does it look like to be a married girl or how are you supposed to feel when you have to live with a guy and handle him with all his loving annoying habits! How does it feel to manage finances and give up/compromise on certain things?
There’s lot more which I can write here, but let’s not get into them and straight away get to the point. Let’s face it- I AM MARRIED NOW and every wedding comes up with lot of new things. It’s a multifold dimension of life which keeps throwing surprises.

So, let’s get into my journey of “Happily Ever After”! Lot more to come… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happily Ever After…is it? Part 1

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  1. Yes, you are right!
    Initially it feels like we are pushed in water to learn to swim on our own!!
    And but with the time I think everybody learns it 🙂
    “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and sexy at the end!”

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  2. Don’t worry marriage is a turning point of every girl….we have adjust and squeeze ourself to adjust with that person and family…….Take some time…..everything will be fine and awesome trust me……


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