The story of Pasta & Missing Wallet

Sitting in a way as I always wanted…with my laptop, in a café near the giant window seat with outside view and a light music in background. I can see my office; it’s just in front of the café. Have ordered red sauce pasta and I can hear the sizzling sound of its cooking and now even the aromatic smell is mixing in the air and making me crave for it even more. Having lot of thoughts in mind and just jotting them down. It has become a nice weather suddenly… it has become lil cloudy, I just wish for the rain to come to make it a perfect ambiance.

I am contemplating my life. The twists and turns, the changes in life and in me. There are times when I really hate myself for being highly unproductive, lazy and lost for no reason; and this is one of those times. I am actually not liking what I’m doing at work front. I should have been more productive and proactive but I’m not and I’m not liking this behaviour and attitude of myself. I know I’m not like this. This is just not me.

Ohh.. there comes my Penne Arrabbiata… my red sauce pasta… looks yummy!! Let me have some!! 

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….. 😎 and with this pasta came the most embarrassing situation of my life (am I exaggerating… well may be yes but it has never happened with me, so technically yes… it is very embarrassing!!). I forgot my wallet in my office! 😨 This realization made to swear and drew attention of restaurant staff!! Explained them my situation in most embarrassing mode and excused myself after finishing meal. Every bite was so humiliating for me but once I was done, got back to my office, borrowed money from a colleague, another embarrassing moment, paid the bill at restaurant and phewwwwww… I felt relieved!
I’m the only one with such embarrassing experience? Share your’s and how did you handle that!! 😀

P.S. Now I double check my wallet for money and cards to avoid such embarrassment!! 


4 thoughts on “The story of Pasta & Missing Wallet

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  1. haha!! I always double check my pocket just so that I will not have to be embarrassed. This situation has not happened to me, but I have gone through lot of such situations 😀 😀
    It was a good read Shivi 🙂


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