a lazy sunday…

It’s been a while since i had spent a lazy, cozy sunday with my sister. I was at home this sunday and didn’t go out anywhere like usual, neither with my girl friends nor with Pochu. My SIL had visited me last friday and she left this morning. This weekend was completely a girly-girly stuff. We had fun, I tried my hands on cooking and made some new stuffs which fortunately turned out good, watched some wedding videos on youtube and tried getting some ideas for my wedding 😉

Talking about cooking, I made cooker cake on friday and it was good, now this is based on my sister and SIL’s feedback which made me to believe 😉

I made masala dosa and egg dosa for breakfast 🙂 This was my second attempt which really turned out to be good. At least I was happy with its uniform round size and taste and so were my Sister and SIL. It was difficult to make the dosa at first but gradually with every dosa I improved 🙂 🙂

Here’s a look of my dosa and cake:

screenshot_2016-09-25-17-07-14-985  img_20160923_222607

It was almost 9 years back during my graduation days when I had tried making dosa but failed miserably. While spreading the first scoop of batter I knew it’s not gonna work and it didn’t and later I never attempted to do that again. But this time I was determined and it worked out thus saving my life and image in front of my SIL 😉

This sunday is also good because after so long I’ve logged in to wordpress from my lappy; otherwise I used to write on my lappy and transfer it to my phone and then post it via the wordpress app. So when I tried logging in I didn’t even know the password, but thankfully system did and I successfully landed in my place.Thank you Technology 🙂 It felt new, seeing my posts, the menu, reader, settings… aaaaah!! what a satisfying feeling 🙂

As I’m lazying around in bed and writing this, my sister is preparing something in kitchen. A quick snack as we didn’t have our lunch. So I think I should better get up and see what’s happening…

So…how has your sunday been? Do let me know 🙂


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    1. Thank you Harsh.. i agree that was kind of productive… Sometimes we gotta chill out and do nothing.. Even that feels so satisfying at times… And how can you say you did nothing… You made maggiiiiiiiiiii….😊😃😀

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      1. Haha, indeed that’s true. Me and my brother were hungry and the first thing that came to mind was Maggi. It’s so easy to make and doesn’t require much effort. Haha.
        By the way I am a huge fan of masala dosa and cakes, for that matter any sweet.
        Also, what was the other snack, if I may ask.


    1. Hey JOMT, thank you for your lovely comment. Actually this is Pillsbury ready made cooker cake where we just have to fix the ingredients and cook in pressure cooker. However in last one year I’ve discovered and tried making cooker cake from scratch. Believe me the results have been amazing each time. Sharing you the recipe which I follow, also you can find lots and lots of such recipes on YouTube. Don’t be scared and just hit the kitchen for your first cooker cake and let me know how it turned out.


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