F: Finding the equilibrium

Life is beautiful. It’s not that complicated as we think or as we make it. Rules of life are simple. It’s only we who complicate it. It feels so good when you talk to people without any ill intention or without having any grudges at back of your mind. It is easy to be yourself and talk freely. It gives you a sense of satisfaction, happiness. You are at peace with yourself. There are several relationships in our lives which we think are complicated and cannot be handled with ease. One of them is our relationship with our “in-laws”.  We, as girls, are really scared even to think of this relationship. But it exist and cannot be shunned. So no matter what, we have to face it.

I was apprehensive at first as how Pochu’s family gonna react to our relationship and how they gonna accept me, who doesn’t even belong to their community. But I found them very receptive and assertive. Though there is communication gap between me and my MIL but we somehow manage it. It’s her birthday today and I called her. I could sense happiness in her voice. I love it when at the end of every call she showers me with lot of blessings and not just me now even for my sister who lives with me.  I still have to work out for these new relationships with have come my way.

It feels good when you talk without any inhibitions, without any worries. With every passing day, I’m reminded of days left in my hand for wedding. There is apprehension, there is dilemma, there are insecurities, there are a lot of work to do not just for wedding but also to keep it going. It’s all about finding the right equilibrium in your life and maintaining the same with never ending enthusiasm and strength. There will be household work, my professional life, my husband, new family members and friends, my family and friends, burden of starting family, managing at both ends- personal and professional but amongst all these I gotta manage everything. It sounds hectic and undoable but what is life without challenges.☺


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  1. Eagerly waiting for welcoming you to the club. Managing it all may seem and to an extent is certainly difficult but not impossible for sure. 🙂 Start with baby steps and you would not know when you start managing it already.


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