E- Evening of destruction

By this time I believe everyone is well aware of what has happened in Chennai and Bangalore in past couple of days. People of two Indian States have been fighting for Cauvery river water; cursing and verbalizing shitty things about each other; vandalism and destruction has prevailed; economy has experienced loss worth thousands of crores; some unfortunate souls even lost their lives… and that too just for water! I’m not here to preach anyone; neither to justify anyone’s deeds but only to express my experience and disappointment. My only question- was it worth it? Was it justified to-

  • Adopt vandalistic approach to resolve the issue
  • Set ablaze vehicles
  • Beat people of either states for no sin of their’s
  • Destruct shops, create havoc
  • Disturb cities and stop transportation between two states
  • Speak and spread negativity

It doesn’t matter who initiated this destruction; at this point all that matters is- it disturbed two states, doing all these didn’t solve the issue. I was exasperated by seeing how people were attempting to burn the trucks, buses, vehicles and shops; how they united to turn an Innova car upside down and later put that on fire; how hundreds of buses were set on fire; people were found throwing stones on shops and breaking glasses; damaging everything what came their way… and yet no sign of repentance or remorse on their faces. They were united to destruct; they were united for vandalism… the only thing which came to my mind was- why can’t they get united for a good cause. You won’t find such unity when it comes to save lives during road rages, accidents, rape cases.. why.. why are we like this? Why do we get pleasure in destruction, vandalism? It was indeed very disturbing to see such criminal acts. There was no one to stop them.. They did whatever they wanted. Section 144 and Curfew was imposed in Bangalore. Most of the offices, schools and colleges were shut yesterday. I was disheartened to learn about the extent of destruction happened in past two-three days and was thinking as who is going to pay for all these? Who’s going to compensate for damage occurred to public properties. Who’s going to punish this mob? Is there any law and order? Why can’t we come up with some really very strict action plan for such activities?

Thankfully, situation and life has gained normalcy and we are back to routine but still the fear exists and we are expecting something similar in near future as Supreme Court will give another verdict tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!! May god bless people with some brain!


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