D- Doing it again

Why writing comes in your mind only when you are contemplating or sulking? It happens with me. I tend towards writing during such phases where I don’t find any other medium to express myself. Writing comes automatically to me in such cases.

Yesterday while checking stalking people’s profiles and lives on Facebook, I came across with lot of news updates about their wives, husbands, babies, Teej festival, Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja. Some of my Post Graduation friends had sent their Teej pictures of the pooja, mehendi and their husbands and families. Some were celebrating their first Teej and for some it was 2nd-3rd event. Those pictures compelled me to rewind life almost 5 years back and see what had happened with all of us. How we were just like any other girl, ferrying between college to hostel, to coffee shops, canteen, library; had our share of hardships, break ups and finally settling down in an arranged marriage setup, having kids and celebrating these festivals and not to forget posting all updates on Facebook. Today if you check anyone’s profile on Facebook, you can have a fair idea of years gone by and various events/occasions of their lives.

At my age, I can see almost all my girl-friends married and blessed with at least a kid and even guys have started getting married. No…I’m not that old… I’m just 28 and still fall into that so called marriageable age… but what I intend here by stating that is I learn… I learn by seeing my married friends and to some extent I’m glad that I got to live my life my way. I agree, husbands are important too, their love, care, sharing etc etc etc…. everything is cool and acceptable. But, to some extent, all of us need to have that ME TIME. I’m happy that I and Pochu are on same page in some aspects and thoughts. We both have spent considerable time alone, love our “ME TIME” and understand that we need to give each other space and allow to spend some time with self which is also very important.

Life and time seems to be running when I see my friends getting married and having kids. 5 years seems to be a long time which had approx. 1825 days, 109500 hours, 6570000 minutes. Are these just numbers or do they hold some importance? Looking at numbers, it’s been 7 months of my relationship with Pochu, things went really fast with him; next month it will be a year of my surgery; in two months I will complete one year of my work with my present company. Life… it is fast paced, running, time waits for no one. Things change, people come and go but time waits for no one. It has replacement for everything and almost everyone. Though few are irreplaceable but time heals the wounds. This is what I have learnt so far in my 28 years of life. Things seem difficult first but they ultimately fall in place. So I would say with my experience that let’s not lose hope and look forward to what’s in store for us in future.

PS- Had volunteered to participate in Pepper’s Blog Marathon but somehow couldn’t make it. Had taken it up last year  and the lazy me couldn’t even complete 5 posts.. but here I am with positive intention of completing it at least by this year end… seems to be a real blog marathon 😉😉 wish me luck.. 😃


5 thoughts on “D- Doing it again

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  1. Haha.. i blog when I’m in the kharaab mood mode. And then i get depressed looking at all those posts and regret not making happy memories.
    And miss fb stalker, we all do that. And that me time & personal life are the words i used to console myself after looking at others timelines. Damn you Facebook! ☺


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