The Countdown has begun…

​Tick-tock-tick-tock… this is what is happening inside me! I’m just 3.5 months away from my wedding and have no clue as what should I be doing, what preparations for my clothes, accessories and looks should be done! I need a magic wand…!!!!

The big task i.e. the booking of venue is being done by my parents! Now that’s a relief… major concerns are- Caterer, my dresses, photographer, mehendi, parlour! Responsibility of Caterer will be taken care by my parents.. so that’s not a big issue. But rest of them… I’m in a no mood to experiment! Though I’m not a “wedding-is-my-only-dream” or “i-want-a-fairy-style-wedding” girl… but ever since I attended my Maternal Uncle’s wedding way back in 2001, I had thought of how I can make the wedding (of my next Uncle/Cousins) totally personalized and amazing. So my thought process always revolved around- AWESOME MUSIC for every function- mehendi, sangeet, wedding, vidaayi, reception etc; MEHENDI, PHOTOGRAPHY! Since I couldn’t get to do any one of such things in any of the weddings, so I’m gonna do all these in my wedding! I really-really wanna get clicked in best possible ways (I’ve been following and saving links of wedding photographers and their work and love their candid photography), want best mehendi and get the wedding environment go live and crazy through my awesome wedding playlist. Now is that too much to ask for 😉

At the moment I’ve concerned about-

Dresses & Accessories– Most importantly my Lehenga L since I’m in Bangalore and I have no idea about Bangalore market; I’m really getting heart aches as where to go for shopping. Had I been in my home town or Delhi, I wouldn’t have bothered much. If I don’t get anything here, I gotta travel back to home; which requires leaves and time… which again I don’t have in hand right now L I don’t want too expensive and heavy lehenga as that won’t be seeing the light of the day after wedding which is a usual destiny of all wedding lehengas! So I want something which is easy on my pocket and looks good too! Should I search in Bangalore first and if I don’t get anything I should make a visit to home?

Accessories are not much of concern because this can be done in one-two days!! And I know where to get what… So that’s sorted 😃

Make-Up: Now this again is an area of concern as during your wedding not just the attire but your make-up also plays vital role. I don’t wanna go for trial and error method. I really need to find and book ASAP a parlour and get the trial make-up done. I need to visit my home city… but when…!!!!! 😞

Any tips and ideas for shopping in Bangalore for lehengas and sarees, photoshoot ideas are most welcomed…🤗


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