..because We were destined to be together- Part 1

May 6, 2016 03:18 PM


Pochu, when I first met you I never thought even in my wildest dreams that one day seven years down the line we will be together. I was in a serious relationship and there you were… a free spirit. We exchanged numbers… did we? I don’t even remember now. All I can recall is, in that big group, I only managed to keep in touch with you and N; and now not even with her. It was you and now it’s just you and only you.

I’m sunk in thoughts of you and feeling up in the sky. It’s a mesmerising feeling and experience. Just sent a text to you claiming that I love you! I know, they are just three words at the moment but how can I send these feelings which can also show the immense love and care wrapped in those words. I can’t… I can’t…

I have to work on some reports, but I just want to sit in this peaceful ambience and let my thoughts get registered. I seldom get this opportunity of having a peaceful environment and mind to write. Now that I’ve got them together, I don’t want to leave.

I remember everyone sharing their contact numbers and mail IDs and me creating an Orkut Group which never really took off. But as we were destined to be in touch, out of all people in that group, you called me up one fine day and my mom picked up the call and handed over the phone to me. I guess, I didn’t have your number at that time. I don’t remember further conversion post that; except that you once came to college to collect some documents and we met again. I introduced you to my friends and R, my ex. This was in 2009 and after that we never really met until Oct/Nov 2012 when you were going home for Diwali and crossed Chennai Central. During 2009-2012, we spoke over phone. As far as I remember, it was always you who used to call me. During MBA days, your calls were always like semester exams- once in six months and during those calls, it was always you who used to talk and talk and talk. You told me about girlfriend too.

And then, when I moved to Chennai to join my first job, you were almost on the verge of moving to Bangalore from Chennai. I came to Chennai in Aug 2011, I remember, we even spoke over phone and discussed that we will catch up before you leave but then you left and even I didn’t bother much because we were just casual friends…

P.S. This series is dedicated to the new and the most pleasant change in my life. As I had already told you guys about “someone” coming into my life… the next few posts will cherish the memories of our good and bad times, our journey from JUST FRIENDS to SOULMATES 🙂


2 thoughts on “..because We were destined to be together- Part 1

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  1. Your post made me think of it all in my life. I just wonder what coincidence it is. You might have got gist of what i am mentioning, a best friend to soulmate journey. I need to write a post about it as I am already contemplating over this memories as he is away for a week now :(. Oh by the way happy to see you happy 🙂


    1. For sure… please go ahead and get these thoughts registered… it’s so great to relive those moments.. looking forward for your post.. make the best use of this time😉


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